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5 obvious reasons for Centreon IMP

Do you want to have round-the-clock monitored IT information and boost your Time-to-monitoring? Centreon IMP is for you! Regardless your business sector, the size of your IT staff or resources, with Centreon IMP you will be able to monitor IT availability and performance of your IT equipment very quickly. Here are 5 obvious reasons for Centreon […]

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Easy access to IT monitoring with Centreon IMP

Just because you have a smaller ITOM team or budget doesn’t mean you should be deprived of reliable and professional IT monitoring! With Centreon IMP, tracking IT availability and performance becomes easily accessible and fast to implement. Robust and highly-affordable, it gets resource-challenged IT superstars operational in no time – even for monitoring novices. What […]

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Ready-to-use monitoring solution: Centreon IMP

Today, every IT department, even the smallests, need to know & manage their IT service availability and performance for operations & business continuity. Losses from IT service disruptions and unplanned downtime, although smaller in figures, can be more crippling for SMBs/SMEs than for large enterprise. For example, network downtime costed $20K per hour for 80% […]

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New release: IT cockpit creation made easier with Centreon MAP 4.2

Centreon MAP 4.2

It is with great enthusiasm that we present to you the new version of Centreon MAP 4.2. This version brings many improvements and new features which will delight creators, administrators and users. We have selected 8 big new features detailed right below. To discover all the other fixes, read the complete release note.

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How to provide a real business and strategic vision of your IT monitoring raw data?

IT service management (ITSM) has become pivotal to business success in the digital economy. A critical element to this is IT monitoring intelligence that is easily understood for strategic business decisions. Centreon MBI is the modular software that delivers this intelligence for Centreon monitoring to aid decision-making in highly-performing IT services. Through ITIL-compliant reporting, Centreon […]

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How to help ITSM and business operation teams gain a common perspective to align IT with business?

Ensuring the efficiency of enterprise business operations has much to do with understanding their relationship to real-time IT operations and service performance delivery. That’s how Centreon BAM makes IT monitoring count for business-IT stakeholders. It measures real-time operating vitals from masses of monitored data, aligned with ITIL practices, to make sense of crucial correlations between […]

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