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Monitor up to 100 devices for free with Centreon IT Edition. No limit in time!

Free trial

Try Centreon IT Edition

Centreon IT comes in multiple commercial editions including Centreon IT Edition which monitors the complete IT Infrastructure from Cloud-to-Edge for a clear and comprehensive view. It extends our Open Source framework with a unique auto-discovery engine and over 3,000 ready-to-monitor configuration templates, all packaged into our library of 470+ Enterprise Plugin Packs. You should choose Centreon IT Edition as your first step towards a more ambitious business-aware monitoring strategy.

We offer Centreon IT Edition for free to monitor up to 100 devices, and for as long as you need it! Follow the instructions below to download Centreon and get your token for a free unlimited-in-time, up-to-100 monitored device IT Edition software license. Before you start your adventure with Centreon IT Edition 100, we strongly advise you to read our dedicated FAQ to know everything about this Free edition.


What are the Prerequisites ?

Centreon is packaged as an all-in-one software appliance that comes complete with its Linux operating system, database management system and web application environment. Make sure you have one virtual machine or bare metal server with a minimum of 2GB of RAM to install Centreon.

If you already operate a Centreon platform with less than 100 hosts, make sure it is running a software version 20.04 or up before starting your Centreon IT Edition Free Trial.

Please also note that your Centreon platform needs permanent access to the Internet to validate the free token and use the software.

Read the documentation for more information about prerequisites.

Get your Free Token

Fill in the form just on the right to request your free Centreon IT Edition software license. We will send to your email address a personal token to activate the software license on your Centreon platform. We will also share some useful information to help you get started and make the most of your Centreon platform. This license allows you to monitor up to 100 devices, for an unlimited duration.

The same token can be registered and used simultaneously on various platforms: one email, one token, multiple platforms!

Download Centreon

If you do not already have a Centreon Platform running, download the latest version of Centreon software appliance below.

Virtual Machine

Download the OVA (Alma8) image of the Centreon platform

Virtual Machine

Download the OVA (Alma8) image of the Centreon platform

Installing Centreon

Follow the installation steps in the online documentation to install your virtual machine.

Installation Procedure

OR Updating Centreon

If you already operate an Open Source Centreon platform, make sure it is up to date (running software version 20.04 or up) before activating your free Centreon IT Edition software license.

Software Upgrade Procedure

Activate your software license

When your Centreon platform is up and running, use the personal token you received by email to activate your free software license.

License Activation Procedure

Monitor from Cloud-to-Edge

You now have access to 470+ up-to-date, ready-to-download Enterprise Plugin Packs and their configuration templates, auto-discovery rules and monitoring procedures. Follow the easy steps in our Getting Started guide to monitor your IT infrastructure, from Cloud-to-Edge.

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