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Centreon Cloud

Get ready in minutes with Centreon Cloud, our SaaS offering. Stop worrying about platform installation, maintenance, backup, or software upgrade, we take care of everything. Focus on delivering the optimal IT performance your organization needs, we deliver the monitoring platform to do so.

Centreon Cloud

SaaS or Self-Hosted: the choice is yours

We develop the best IT Infrastructure Monitoring platform. You choose how to deploy it, based on your business strategy: SaaS, Centreon Cloud, or Self-Hosted, with Centreon On-Premise. Both delivery modes can monitor the Cloud and Non-Cloud: your infrastructure is and will be hybrid, choose one single Centreon platform to monitor 100% of it, whatever deployment model best suits your organization.

Choose now

Change your mind later: if you choose to start with a Self-Hosted Centreon platform, you will have no problem to migrate to the SaaS version later, should your hosting strategy change in the future. Or vice-versa.

Choose both

Some organizations may decide to run a Self-Hosted Centreon at their headquarter and ask subsidiaries to subscribe to the SaaS solution, being confident that all the platform knowledge can be shared across teams.

Keep a reversibility option

Choose Centreon Cloud for the convenience and flexibility of a SaaS subscription, knowing that the Self-Hosted open-source Centreon will always be your reversibility option in case you stop subscribing.

Centreon Cloud:
a SaaS offering

Centreon Cloud is the Centreon monitoring platform installed in our Cloud infrastructure and maintained by our SRE team, but integrated to your own IT Operations environment, operated by your IT Operations team to monitor your infrastructure, Cloud and Not-Cloud, with the benefit of a Centreon Customer Care support and maintenance contract.

Focus on delivering the optimal IT performance your organization needs. We take care of packaging or running the IT monitoring platform to do so.

Centreon Cloud provides all the services you can expect from a SaaS solution, as detailed in the following table.

Centreon Cloud
SaaS Service Chevron centreon bas
Uptime monthly SLA
Hosting cloud
Centreon maintenance & daily operations
Software minor upgrades & Hotfixes
Software major upgrades
Data retention
13 months
Customer Success Program Chevron centreon bas
Dedicated onboarding program
eLearning training program
Blended learning
Platinum support contract
Customer success program
Platform Integration Services Chevron centreon bas
Online Plugin Packs Library access
Integration Connectors
Integration Services
Plugin Packs development
Integrations development
Platinum Support Chevron centreon bas
Access Method
Support opening hours
8am-6pm / Mon-Fri
Response time (Critical/Major/Minor)
90 mn / 4h / 8h
Extended 24/7 On-Call duty

Ready-to-Monitor, at the best TCO

Ready-to-Monitor, from anywhere, anytime

As soon as you subscribe to Centreon Cloud, you are invited to create an account to connect to your own instance of Centreon, and you will be ready to start monitoring.

Dedicated Customer Onboarding Program, for fast knowledge ramp-up

From day one, we onboard your team with a dedicated knowledge transfer program.

Secure by design, end-to-end

Our Cloud architecture is AWS-certified, protected by Web Application Firewalls, all stored data is encrypted, all network flows are encrypted.

Monthly SLA, your guarantee for Always-On Monitoring

We measure the availability rate of your Centreon Cloud service every month and guarantee monthly Service Level Agreement in our terms & conditions.

SaaS key benefits

Choosing Centreon Cloud instantly brings all the benefits of a SaaS solution:

No upfront investment
Instantly available monitoring platform
Secure platform
Highly available by design
Elastic and scalable
Dedicated onboarding program
Always up-to-date platform
Additional cloud-based capabilities
No maintenance, daily operations, backup costs

Centreon Cloud is all about giving maximum freedom and flexibility to IT Operations teams, empowering them to focus on their core missions: delivering the optimal IT performance for increased business performance.

Centreon On-Premises, your Self-Hosted option

If your organization is not Cloud-First yet or if your critical activities require the monitoring platform to stay within your well-guarded walls, you may install Centreon on your premises.

In fact, Centreon started as an on-premises platform and its open-source edition is a leading Self-Hosted platform for monitoring IT infrastructure.

At Centreon, we acknowledge that some environments call for a Self-Hosted monitoring platform and that SaaS is not an option for some public or private organizations.

We are thus committed to offer a Self-Hosted deployment option to the Centreon monitoring platform.

Ready to see how Centreon can transform your business?

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