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Platform Overview

Centreon’s IT monitoring platform provides holistic visibility to complex IT workflows from Cloud-to-Edge.

Platform Overview

Centreon Platform

Connectors SaaS & Self-hosted, Open & Scalable Monitoring Platform Integrations Full Visibility on IT True IT & Business Alignment Public Cloud Private Cloud Microservices Compute & Storage Security Legacy Middleware Hybrid Connectivity Notifications Incident Response Observability ITSM IT Automation


The most complete span of digital performance monitoring

Centreon’s unique intelligent discovery features, combined with 700 zero-config connectors, get you on the fastest path to a unified vision of all information system assets – cloud and “not cloud.”

Cloud and “Not-Cloud”

Centreon captures the entire infrastructure of IT workflows, from applications to middleware to equipment, whether cloud or “not cloud.” Such comprehensive visibility ensures complete control of digital performance.

Zero-config Connectors

Centreon’s “intelligent discovery and automation” covers more than 700 different assets (from APIs to routers) to instantly seek, connect and update integration. This not only collapses initial deployment time and effort, but it also improves ongoing productivity.

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Unified Vision

Everyone can select the performance indicators and monitoring parameters most relevant to their individual activity – all within the same tool. The intuitive and personalized user experience, unparalleled on the market, makes it possible to detect malfunctions more quickly throughout the ENTIRE IT chain.


The most business-oriented IT management solution

Centreon supports operational performance of organizations by measuring the availability rates of applications and infrastructure and offering comprehensive reports and dashboards that effectively align IT and business KPIs.

SLA Management

Centreon links business processes and IT infrastructure through a cartography of critical services, giving you a complete picture of digital performance. IT availability is continuously calculated and tracked against operational performance objectives, visible in dashboards so that business and IT KPIs are always in sync. This facilitates true alignment of the IT department with the operational objectives of the organizations and optimizes the allocation of resources in real time.

Decision Support

Centreon’s analytical dashboards and reports are focused on business processes and provide critical and essential information that goes beyond simple IT monitoring metrics. This information allows the tech teams to better manage their investment strategies, prioritize new projects, organize staff and right size the (environmentally) effective and responsible use of resources.

Collaborative Views

Centreon gives everyone personalized supervisory information according to their own needs: IT teams, business departments or management teams. Sharing of digital performance indicators with all stakeholders in the organization puts business context into IT monitoring for collaborative decision-making.


The most agile, extensible and easy-to-integrate platform

Thanks to an open-source heritage, Centreon adapts to the uniqueness of each company’s IT infrastructure, deployment preference and application portfolio, providing the most comprehensive and forward-ready monitoring platform on the market.

Open and Extensible

Openness and flexibility — two advantages of the platform without equivalent on the market. No two organizations are exactly alike – each has a unique infrastructure and application profile based on history and anticipated future needs. Centreon adapts precisely to each operating universe “out of the box” and extends further with the contributions of “The Watch”, its users community.

SaaS or Self-Hosted

Not all organizations have the same means of hosting, the same constraints, the same strategies. That’s why Centreon offers two deployment modes: SaaS mode and Self-Hosted mode. Choose Centreon Cloud for the convenience of a SaaS service, or Centreon On Premise for complete control of your environment. Either approach gives you future-proof flexibility, comprehensive views and personalized monitoring across the entire infrastructure.

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Extensive Integration

By easily integrating with all IT Operations tools, Centreon streamlines all production processes: ITSM, incident management, Industrialization flows such as Infrastructure as Code, consolidation of indicators. Centreon’s near-infinite integration possibilities enable a tailor-made and comprehensive observability environment that no other integrated monitoring solution can provide.

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