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IT & OT Convergence

Ensuring Business Continuity

Monitoring Operational Technologies that integrate with your IT infrastructure is the cornerstone of operational excellence.

Use cases IT & OT Convergence


The Importance of IT/OT Visibility

In today’s era of widespread digitalization, your infrastructures are constantly evolving, transforming urban, service, and industrial landscapes. This rapid evolution highlights a crucial need: the convergence of the physical and digital worlds. To thrive, you must have complete, instant visibility of all your technological environments.

Whether managing factories where production lines operate, smart cities orchestrating the lives of thousands, stadiums buzzing with collective emotion, or logistics warehouses driving commercial exchanges, IT/OT visibility is essential. Every sensor, camera, and connectivity element forms a vital link in your global infrastructure. Seamless coordination and integration of these elements lay the foundation for anticipating challenges, responding swiftly, and optimizing operations.

Real-time visibility into these components is the cornerstone of operational excellence, providing you with deep insights and the ability to act with precision and efficiency. Integrating Information Technology (IT), the Internet of Things (IoT), and Operational Technology (OT) is no longer optional—it’s imperative.


Centreon monitors also all your non-IT equipment

With its agentless monitoring capacities, Centreon monitors non-IT equipment regardless of size or location. Centreon can communicate with devices using standard protocols without requiring specific agent support for each device type. More than 700 zero-config connectors are available to configure the monitoring of any industrial control systems, sensors, actuators, sensor data, or even controllers and human-machine interfaces. Thanks to its open-source core, Centreon allows you to develop new monitoring connectors to monitor your most specific OT equipment!

Centreon offers you a complete visibility into your infrastructure that you can share with all stakeholders. You can implement the right type of views for operational technology monitoring. Operational views to quickly detect the root cause of a problem and speed up Mean Time to Repair (MTTR). Geographical views to provide a general overview of all your sites statuses.

Centreon monitors end-to-end business processes and automatically translates your site and operational processes service mapping into SLA reports. When your OT systems communicate with business applications stored in the cloud or data centers, it is essential to monitor their relationships and dependencies in your monitoring platform. In fact, critical data is constantly being sent and can negatively impact business uptime if left unmonitored.


Monitoring both IT and non-IT equipment require an agile monitoring platform

To enhance productivity, it is essential to integrate non-IT equipment into your IT infrastructure. A centralized monitoring solution capable of overseeing both IT and non-IT resources is vital for achieving this IT/OT integration seamlessly. Your team will be able to manage diverse assets from a single platform, maintaining a competitive edge in a rapidly changing environment.


Why consider Centreon for Operational Technology Monitoring?

Ensure Business continuity

Accelerate root cause analysis and incident resolution by connecting IT monitoring, ITSM, automation, and incident response tools, to improve user satisfaction.

Decrease maintenance costs

Get a clear picture of your infrastructure and fix problems remotely. Send an on-site maintenance team only when absolutely necessary!

Ensure security with real-time data insights

Enhance your cybersecurity strategy with essential visibility, detection, and response capabilities to protect critical infrastructure assets.

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