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Unleash your MSP Potential with Centreon’s Monitoring Advantage

Your gateway to enhanced operational productivity and competitive advantage, driving customer satisfaction, your profitability and growth.

The IT monitoring partner of choice for MSPs

Created for the MSP business model, Centreon’s world-class MSP partner program offers a dedicated MSP solution, tailored training, services, and support, elevating your performance, competitiveness, profitability and growth.

Partners MSP Partner Program

Discover how Centreon’s MSP Partner-First Program fuels your growth:

Why build and grow your MSP practice with a committed partnership

87% of MSP said many, or all of their clients have an interest in IT Monitoring services 1

Nearly 80% of respondents now outsource one or more IT services to an MSP 2

MSP market will reach USD 466 Billion in 2030 with a CAGR of 11.04%3

1 Centreon  : MSP State of MSP and Growth Survey 2024 report2 Kaseya : 2023 IT operations survey results report
3 “Managed Services Providers (MSP) Market” 2024 Analysis, Forecast by 2031 : Industry Research Biz

Centreon MSP partners enjoy substantial business advantages. 

Increased operational efficiency & Productivity

An easy-to-integrate &  extensible  architecture replacing multiple monitoring tools, effectively managing diverse internal and client environments for increased productivity.

MSP dedicated  Monitoring platform & Cost management

A Pay-per-Use pricing model designed for the MSP business model giving cost transparency  and predictability, plus aggregated, tier-based pricing.

Comprehensive MSP partnership and Marketing

A complete commercial package of dedicated MSP training, professional services and support ensuring maximum business resiliency productivity. Plus, Marketing to boost collaboration and success.

Competitive advantage and increased margins

Offer an expanded value-based service catalog, enhancing differentiation, customer loyalty, and margins by delivering more value to clients and new areas to support.

Profitability & Operational Empowerment

Increase productivity amidst the increasing complexity of managing diverse client environments, plus build an efficient IT Operations Center by streamlining operational processes and efficiency

Future proof revenue

A partnership that helps  effortlessly manage the growing complexity of diverse environments and devices, spanning from cloud to edge to IoT, meeting both current and future customer needs effortlessly.

“Thanks to the Centreon IT monitoring platform’s flexibility and scalability, we have been meeting our clients’ latest IT and business requirements for the past 15 years.”

Thierry Del-Monte
Director of Engineering – ITS Integra.

“To provide clients with superior service quality in a follow-the-sun model, we rely on Centreon’s flexibility, powerful capabilities and interoperability.”

Mathieu Quéré
REST Solution founder and CEO

“We can leverage the technical and financial flexibility offered by the Centreon MSP-focused solution to develop our services.”

Sébastien Missenard
PSF Director, Econocom Luxembourg

Here are some of the benefits our MSP partners love:

An MSP dedicated partnership

Experience, expertise & understanding of your market.

A Partner-First company

With strong support from a team continually investing in your success.

Open-door culture

With easy access to executives, specialists and all the resources you need.

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