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User Stories
French Retailer Monoprix Uses Centreon to Monitor 725 Stores, Delivering Optimal Digital Experiences

“Our monitoring scope is extensive, with 17,000 devices in 725 stores and over 130,000 services, we can’t afford to lose sight of any of these elements. Without Centreon, we’d really be in the dark and …

Best Practices
Beyond Monitoring IT, the impact of OT in performance management

Operational Technology (OT) refers to the hardware and software systems used to monitor and control physical devices, processes, and infrastructure in industrial environments. Unlike Information Technology (IT), which focuses on data processing and communication, OT …

Software Releases
Centreon announces its latest software release: Centreon 24.04

We’re thrilled to announce the latest enhancements in Centreon software with the release of version 24.04. As always, we are committed to providing our users with an evolving platform that meets the demands of modern …

User Stories
With Centreon, CTG Luxembourg PSF leverages IT monitoring as a key selling point

“If I had to assess the before/after effects of implementing Centreon, the main observation would be that we’re more confident. We know that everything is under control and that if there’s a problem, we’re alerted …

Software Releases
New Monitoring Connectors – April 2024

Every month, Centreon extends its monitoring connector catalog and implements new connectors, allowing you to connect your IT monitoring with always more ITOps tools. The result: increased visibility and business observability capabilities. We also offer …

Best Practices
Navigating the modern MSP landscape: trends and modernization strategies

The Managed Service Provider (MSP) industry is in the throes of profound transformation, catalyzed by rapid advancements in technology, shifts in the global economy, and demanding customer expectations. In the ever-evolving landscape of Managed Service …

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