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Organizations of all sizes may benefit in many ways from the Centreon Platform, whether it is delivered as a self-hosted Centreon On-Premises software or a Centreon Cloud SaaS offer.


Eradicate Business Downtime

Never again miss a critical event that could put the business at risk.

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  • Get full visibility on 100% of your infrastructure, or you can bet the next failure will come from that blind spot you left unmonitored.
  • Consolidate infrastructure monitoring on one single platform, because mixing and matching heterogeneous tools will for sure leave gaps.
  • Only focus on events that really matter and that have been automatically filtered from the background noise.
  • Trust Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms to detect events that would go otherwise unnoticed.
  • Anticipate capacity with capacity planning reports to avoid untimely resource shortages.

Skyrocket your Productivity

Unlock untapped efficiency by streamlining workflows.

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  • Regain focus by replacing multiple tools with one single Centreon platform that can see it all.
  • Engage autopilot by combining the Centreon auto-discovery engine with your Infrastructure-as-Code framework.
  • Never miss a critical alert by integrating Centreon to your event management tools and processes.
  • Decrease downtime with a productivity-driven user interface that facilitates root cause analysis.
  • Relax before monthly steering committees: reports with detailed KPIs are automatically sent to all parties involved, no more lengthy spreadsheet tinkering.

Unlock Digital Performance

Drive digital business success with an SLA-centric solution.

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  • Create an SLA-driven IT Operations organization that ties IT performance to business performance.
  • Share performance dashboards in real-time with stakeholders and end-users for collaborative decision-making.
  • Create detailed analytics reports to monitor all dimensions of the digital business performance.
  • Add business context to your IT performance indicators to better define investment strategies.
  • Combine user experience and infrastructure monitoring insights to get the full picture on digital performance.

Dramatically decrease TCO

Get rid of a dozen costly tools: A single solution to monitor everything.

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  • Get rid of a dozen old, obsolete, heterogeneous tools that have accumulated over the years.
  • Leverage a commercial off-the-shelf platform that already includes all integrations, all connectors you will need.
  • Spend less resources maintaining an up-to-date monitoring environment.
  • Decrease hosting and maintenance costs by choosing the flexibility of a SaaS offering.
  • Increase the value of your other IT Operations tools with a tighter, seamless integration.

Build Stronger Observability

Tackle the most demanding challenges with the widest monitoring scope.

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  • Integrate infrastructure monitoring with multiple best-of-breed building blocks to create your own observability stack.
  • Stream qualified metrics to your central big data platform for advanced indexing and search capabilities.
  • View Centreon data directly from your favorite analytics tool for multi-environment aggregated reports.
  • Add DEM, APM, NPMD metrics and events to Centreon dashboards for a single pane of glass visibility.
  • Extend Centreon open source framework to build the exact observability platform that matches your unique expectations.

Embrace Sustainability

Strike the perfect balance between IT performance and resource usage.

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  • Directly measure and monitor the electricity consumption of your IT equipment.
  • Get precise analytics reports about which unused resources should be decommissioned.
  • Get detailed capacity planning reports to manage energy on a continuous basis
  • Gain insights over the longer term on how to right-size capacity.
  • Share information with all stakeholders to make collaborative decisions and make informed compromises.

Ready to see how Centreon can transform your business?

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