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Centreon Editions

The Centreon Platform comes into multiple editions: choose the one that best fits your needs.

Centreon Editions

Choose the right edition

Centreon comes in multiple commercial editions that extend the future-ready Open Source framework promoting agility, scalability and flexibility in the never-ending journey to modern IT.
Centreon IT Edition monitors the complete IT Infrastructure from Cloud-to-Edge for a clear and comprehensive view. Choose Centreon IT Edition as your first step towards a more ambitious business-aware monitoring strategy.

Centreon Business Edition drives business performance excellence, aligning IT operations with business objectives through intuitive monitoring. Choose Centreon Business Edition to get an holistic visibility to complex IT workflows from Cloud-to-Edge.

Centreon MSP Edition is dedicated to Managed Service Providers who need to build an efficient IT Operations Center, improve their productivity, create value for their customers. Its Pay-per-Use pricing model has been specifically designed to help MSPs grow their business.

Open Source
IT Edition
Business Edition
MSP Edition
Pricing & Support Chevron centreon bas
Pricing Model
On-Premises or SaaS
On-Premises or SaaS
Support Plan
Future-Ready Chevron centreon bas
All-in-One Virtual Appliance
Role-Based Access Control
Scalable & HA
Distributed Monitoring & Operations
Seamless Integrations
Open-Source flexibility
Holistic Visibility, from Cloud-to-Edge Chevron centreon bas
Unmatched monitoring scope
Efficient Event Management, Desktop + Mobile
Automatic Discovery Engine
Ready-to-monitor configuration templates
Enterprise Plugin-Packs: get started in minutes
Custom Dashboards
AI-powered Anomaly Detection (Beta)
Business-Aware IT Monitoring Chevron centreon bas
Service Mapping
Extensive Top-Down Views
Cockpit Views
Extended Custom Dashboards
Graphical Views
Geographical Views
Analytics & Reports
Service Level Agreements KPIs
Capacity Planning

Download Centreon IT Edition and use it for free

We offer Centreon IT Edition for free to monitor up to 100 devices, and for as long as you need it! Download Centreon and get your token for an unlimited-in-time, up-to-100 monitored device IT Edition software license.


No-nonsense Pricing Model

Centreon applies a no-nonsense, easy-to-understand pricing model to all its commercial editions.

Quotation is based on the number of equipment devices being monitored. Prices start at 250 monitored devices, then 500, 1000, 2500, 5000, 10000… sky is the limit. Subscriptions include software licenses, access to our Support team by phone or by mail and unlimited software updates. And Managed Service Providers can benefit from a Pay-per-Use pricing model specifically designed to help them grow their business.


Some projects require the extra freedom of Open Source platforms

Our R&D team creates one and only one software platform, the Centreon platform, which combines an Open Source core with commercial extensions.

Not sure whether you should invest money into a Commercial edition or invest time into an Open Source project? Visit our Centreon Open Source page, join the conversation with our community and decide what’s best for your organization.

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