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Use cases

IT Operations teams across all industries rely on Centreon to tackle a variety of digital performance challenges. Discover how your specific use case could benefit from Centreon, too.

Use cases

Cloud Monitoring

Getting the full picture

If you’re using AWS, Azure, Kubernetes or other cloud technologies to deliver innovative customer experiences, you want to make sure your Cloud Monitoring solution gives you the full picture.

User Experience Monitoring

Driving business performance

End User Experience Monitoring is one the ingredients to monitor the Digital Performance of your Business, and is best combined with IT Infrastructure Monitoring.


Building the future now

AIOPs is about combining Analytics with Artificial Intelligence – specifically Machine Learning – to improve the efficiency of all domains of IT Operations.

MSP Monitoring

Growth opportunities for MSP

Choosing a dedicated MSP Monitoring platform can extend your service portfolio and create new growth opportunities.


Or more importantly: enabling Business Observability

Observability is an evolution of IT Monitoring where DevOps, PlatformOps and BusinessOps share the same data, KPIs or dashboards.

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