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Cloud Monitoring

Getting the full picture

If you’re using AWS, Azure, Kubernetes or other cloud technologies to deliver innovative customer experiences, you want to make sure your Cloud Monitoring solution gives you the full picture

Use cases Cloud Monitoring


It’s not so much about cloud monitoring than getting the full picture

Innovative customer experiences and efficient business processes require multiple applications residing on-premise or in the cloud to interact with end-users and connected devices at the edge of the network. This creates the requirement for an extensive monitoring scope, from On-Premise to the Cloud and all the way to the Edge. We all know this: the cloud is here to stay and Cloud Monitoring is not something IT Operations teams could escape. Whether it be Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure monitoring for public IaaS and PaaS cloud services, Kubernetes and Docker monitoring for private cloud infrastructure, of Office365 monitoring as an example of SaaS offering, cloud monitoring is a must-have for any ITIM platform.

It is expected that by 2025 about 40% of IT workload will reside in the Public Cloud, as opposed to 19% in 2019. The latest trends on the subject are about distributing workload among multiple public clouds, mixing private & public clouds into a hybrid infrastructure and in the near future you may even hear about edge cloud infrastructure.

Your challenge is not so much about cloud monitoring, though. After all, public cloud and SaaS offerings come with their own monitoring services, and your DevOps teams have long installed specialized deployment and observability tools to manage their private cloud Kubernetes clusters.

What you really need is a clear view of all business-critical IT workflows that make innovative customer experiences or efficient processes a reality, from the cloud to the edge. This is where Centreon comes into play: to get the right cloud monitoring insights into this clear view before sharing it with all stakeholders.


Centreon monitors all Cloud technologies. Today’s and Tomorrow’s

Centreon monitors both Public and Private Cloud technologies. For example, it monitors a multitude of Amazon AWS Services, from EC2 compute platforms to RDS database management system or S3 storage services. AWS monitoring indicators range from resource consumption to cost control. The same with Microsoft Azure monitoring, from Network to Storage or Databases, of with Microsoft Office365 services. And Centreon monitors your Docker microservices platform running on Kubernetes clusters.

Cloud performance monitoring indicators are fed into all top-down Centreon views to provide Holistic Visibility on your infrastructure, be it for real-time availability monitoring, capacity planning, load sharing management or cost control. The same indicators are also aggregated in the Service Maps that model end-to-end IT Workflows. Shared in easy-to-read Cockpit Views or detailed Analytics Reports, they are key assets to align IT Operations with Business Objectives.

Centreon Cloud Monitoring is no different from on-premise, edge or legacy monitoring: it leverages our Plugin Pack service that maintains an up-to-date library of technologies to monitor 470+ type of resources or equipment. You don’t need to worry about what’s coming next into your cloud infrastructure, we’re adding new Plugin Packs on a weekly basis so that you’re always prepared for the next technology trends that make modern IT a never-ending journey.


Dynamic cloud infrastructures require an agile monitoring platform

Amazon Web Services comes with a monitoring service called CloudWatch. Microsoft Azure also comes with its own monitoring service called Azure Monitor. Both follow the same API-Centric philosophy as Centreon, making it easy to integrate your cloud assets (compute, database, storage, etc.) into your overall monitoring scope:

  • Centreon connects to these monitoring services using their Rest APIs
  • The Auto-Discovery feature retrieve the list of cloud assets to be monitored
  • Dedicated Configuration Templates are applied to start collecting all relevant cloud monitoring indicators

This is all made even easier with the AWS and Azure Plugin Packs.

As its name implies a Plugin Pack is a package. This package contains all is required to connect to AWS CloudWatch or Azure Monitor, given your own credentials. It contains the discovery rules that Centreon Auto-Discovery engine will apply daily to get the list of all assets that may be monitored. And it contains multiple configuration templates to automatically set the right parameters to collect and monitor all relevant indicators.

Plugin Packs are installed from the Centreon web user interface and include a dedicated documentation with step-by-step instructions on how to start monitoring.

What about Kubernetes and Docker? Same concept. We chose Prometheus as the most deployed platform to collect high-frequency real-time metrics from the Kubernetes cluster and its Docker containers (pods, namespaces, deamonsets, replica sets, etc.). The Prometheus Plugin Pack lets Centreon connect to the Prometheus platform and use PromQL query language to get the insights about your Kubernetes cluster performance.

And because Centreon is an API-Centric platform, it fits into your Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) framework, ideally combining your DevOps IT Automation toolset with our Auto-Discovery functionalities to make sure you never miss a beat and are always in sync with your dynamic cloud infrastructure.


Why Centreon is your Cloud Monitoring platform of choice

Get the full picture, from the Cloud to the Edge.

Collect the cloud performance insights you need to monitor business-critical IT workflows, end-to-end.

Embrace agility.

Adapt monitoring to the dynamics of cloud by extending DevOps Infrastructure-as-Code with innovative Auto-Discovery capabilities.

Be ready for the next step.

Invest in a platform that is always up-to-date with the latest technology trends that make modern IT a never-ending journey.

Ready to see how Centreon can transform your business?

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