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Connectivity pioneer RNP uses Centreon to provide high availability, secure networking to Brazil’s academic and research institutions

“With Centreon, we can handle and relate disconnected events, gaining a better understanding of the context and root cause of problems in the IT environment. This is done by leveraging application and system log data. ...

User Stories
With Centreon, the Institut Florimont guarantees an optimal digital learning experience for 1,600 students

“Before adopting Centreon, identifying and anticipating incidents could be challenging. Now, we’ve extended the monitoring scope and manage the IT environment with more accuracy. We can respond faster in guaranteeing IT quality because we are ...

User Stories
How IT monitoring supports École Polytechnique organizational excellence, a world-leading tech graduate school

“Public service, quality of delivery and user experience are our core values. About 6,000 people depend on constant IT service on campus: teachers, students, researchers, start-up incubation and acceleration program staff… We’re responsible for an ...