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Monthly New Plugin Packs Releases – December 2020

Blog Monthly New Plugin Packs Releases – December 2020

As you may have noticed, Centreon releases new connectors (Plugin Packs) as well as enhancements or fixes to existing connectors on a monthly basis. Plugin Packs help you interconnect your ITOps tools to your IT monitoring solution, providing higher visibility and observability.   

We make sure to update you regularly on the latest news regarding your best monitoring allies, our Plugin Packs, through a concise monthly blog post. Should you wish to learn more on some of the new items, you may explore the relevant documentation or get in touch with our Presales team. You can also connect with us using the #centreon-plugins channel on Slack.

New Plugin Packs of the Month

Seamlessly Integrate


  • Cisco DNA Center: if you are a user of Cisco’s network management solution, you can now receive an alert as soon as the health status of one of your sites or equipment is degrading, making it easy to remediate while continuing your analysis.
  • Oracle VM: do you host your Oracle databases or any other system using Oracle’s virtualization software? The good news is you can now track with high precision how each and every element is used (virtual machines, file servers and so on).  


  • Rubrik: you have chosen a smart cloud data management and backup solution. With this new connector, Centreon provides a 360 view on your system, ensuring each and every component (clusters, nodes, tasks and so on) delivers the maximum efficiency.


  • Fortinet Authenticator: sadly, user access management is a topical issue, isn’t it? This new Plugin Pack will provide you with the metrics pertaining to their authentication, so you can check the health status of this strategic brick to ensure maximum availability.


  • Cisco Firepower next-generation firewalls with two new connectors: one is based on APIs and monitors the Firepower Management Center, providing a holistic view over the availability of your organization (domains) and related devices, the other works with SNMP to monitor the various devices’ behavior in real time, such as traffic passing through the firewall and through the physical hardware.
  • Aruba OS CX network equipment, with an SNMP connector to forward every indicator in real time to your VSX and the device supporting them. 

See you next month for the latest updates!

In the meantime, click here to view our full catalog of Plugin Packs and our technical sheets to get your monitoring system connected.


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