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New Monitoring Connectors – September 2023

Blog New Monitoring Connectors – September 2023

Every month, Centreon extends its monitoring connector catalog and implements new ones, allowing you to connect your IT monitoring with more ITOps tools. The result: increased visibility and business observability capabilities. We also offer enhancements and fixes on existing connectors.

Here is the latest news on your best allies: our monitoring connectors!

To learn more, you can also read the related documentation, contact our sales team or post a message on The Watch.

Reminder: since the 23.04 new release, there is a new name for our Plugin Packs. We will now refer to them as Monitoring Connectors.

2 new monitoring connectors to harvest

Two new monitoring connectors were added to the catalog this month.

Sahi Pro Rest API monitoring connector

Sahi Pro is a test automation software for desktop, mobile and web applications which teams building software or apps often use to perform tests.

By connecting Centreon to Sahi Pro via Rest API you can monitor Sahi Pro test cases, returning execution status and metrics such as execution time.

Optelecom camera SNMP monitoring connector

Optelecom designs, manufactures, and markets high-bandwidth communications products, financial market data information, and business video systems.

Connecting Centreon to Optelecom cameras via SNMP enables you to track various indicators such as:

  • bandwidth
  • temperatures (probes)
  • how long the server has been running without interruption
  • and alarms


    These connectors have recently been enhanced.

    NetApp Ontap Rest API

    Now skipping empty FRUs (Field Replaceable Units).

    Linux SNMP

    New service discovery rule: disk-io.

    Linux local/SSH

    • New service template: systemd-journal
    • New service discovery rule: systemd-service

    Kadiska Rest API

    Addition of a service template to monitor

    Kadiska’s alerts and a discovery rule to easily monitor alerts by alert rules.

    Breaking changes  

    Linux local/SSH

    `directlvm-usage` mode replaced with new `lvm` mode (breaks only if used with custom command)

    Alvarion BreezeACCESS SNMP

    Interface service template was fixed.


    `input-lines` mode was fixed.

    Barracuda Cloudgen SNMP

    Interface service template was fixed. 

    Citrix Netscaler

    The status mapping for power supplies in the health service template was fixed.

    F5 BigIP

    A bug causing a failure when the pool name was too long was fixed.


    A bug causing unknown status with “uninitialized values” when running multiple queries was fixed.

    Linux local/SSH

    An issue on the CPU mode causing stats calculation to fail when there was only one processor was fixed.

    Mikrotik SNMP

    Interface service template was fixed.

    Peplink Pepwave SNMP

    Interface service template was fixed.

    Perle IDS SNMP

    Interface service template was fixed.

    Rad Airmux SNMP

    Interface service template was fixed.

    Rittal CMC3 SNMP

    A typo in the command used by the devices service template was fixed.

    Ubiquiti Edge SNMP

    Interface service template was fixed.

    X509 Certificate

    Pack was renamed.


    Want to know if a quick upgrade is needed? Simply check the release note. 😊

    Want to help us or suggest improvements? Join us on The Watch or GitHub 💥 and add a star ⭐ Also, feel free to come and discuss plugins and connectors (monitoring packs, Plugin Packs) on The Watch.

    See you next month for more new features!


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