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New Monitoring Connectors – October 2023

Blog New Monitoring Connectors – October 2023

Every month, Centreon extends its monitoring connector catalog and implements new ones, allowing you to connect your IT monitoring with more ITOps tools. The result: increased visibility and business observability capabilities. We also offer enhancements and fixes on existing connectors.

This October, we’re pleased to introduce two new monitoring connectors, as well as announce a few enhancements and fixes on existing connectors.

To learn more, you can also read the related documentation, contact our sales team or post a message on The Watch.

Reminder: since the 23.04 new release, there is a new name for our Plugin Packs. We will now refer to them as Monitoring Connectors.

Just out: 2 monitoring connectors

Take a moment to discover this month’s additions to the monitoring connector library.

Docker SSH monitoring connector

Docker is a containerization solution enabling infrastructure-independent application deployment and execution.

By connecting Centreon to Docker via the SSH protocol, you can monitor node status and container usage.

EES UPS SNMP monitoring connector

EES (Emerson Energy Systems) designs and markets uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), ensuring business continuity in the event of a power failure.

Connect Centreon to EES UPS via SNMP to monitor various indicators such as:

  • Mode
  • Voltage
  • Capacity
  • Load level


    The following connectors were recently enhanced.

    Amazon EC2

    New host check commands to monitor EC2 instances and auto-scaling groups.

    Amazon RDS

    New host check command to monitor all RDS host templates.

    Microsoft SQL Server

    Option –printf-value of mode sql-string supports a new format for variable names (e.g. `–printf-value=”%{value_field}”`).


    Added the ability to collect shards statistics in collection-Statistics and Database-Statistics.


    Option –printf-value of mode sql-string supports a new format for variable names (e.g. `–printf-value=”%{value_field}”`).

    Oracle Database

    Option –printf-value of mode sql-string supports a new format for variable names (e.g. `–printf-value=”%{value_field}”`).


    Added the unit to jitter service.

    Breaking changes  


    Added `–database` option to the SQL statement command.



    AWS Discover

    Added the missing is_password attribute to the host discovery provider.

    Amazon FSx

    Linked the freespace template to the right check command.


    Fixed the hardware mode: “ready” states now give OK status.

    Azure Functions

    Linked Executions template to the right check command.

    Fortinet Fortigate Rest API

    Fixed a **Not an ARRAY reference**  error in System mode.

    cAdvisor API

    Fixed a **Use of uninitialized value** error in Container-Usage mode.


    Want to know if you should run a  quick upgrade? Check out the release note. 😊

    Want to help us or suggest improvements? Join us on The Watch or GitHub 💥 and add a star ⭐ Also, feel free to come and discuss plugins and connectors (monitoring packs, Plugin Packs) on The Watch.

    See you next month for more new features!


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