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Centreon Product lifecycle

Blog Centreon Product lifecycle

Get informations about the Centreon product lifecycle. Some products such as Centreon CLAPI, Centreon Backup, Centreon Partitioning or Centreon KB are going to be reinjected in Centreon Web.

Products reinjected in Centreon Web

Centreon CLAPI, the API in command line dedicated to Centreon Web has been reinjected in Centreon since Centreon Web 2.7.0. As a module, Centreon CLAPI 1.8.x will be supported until the end of 2016.

Centreon Backup. The Centreon backup module, previously unavailable free, will be soon reinjected into Centreon Web 2.8.

Centreon Partitioning. As the partitions system is now integrated into the MySQL standard version, available with all OS, Centreon will integrate this module natively in Centreon Web 2.8, which coming soon. This optimization will benefit all our users and customers.

Centreon KB. Dedicated to the creation and management of operating instructions, Centreon KB is currently available in paying versions of Centreon. Great news, this module will be reintegrated in Centreon Web 2.8. Users will gain in efficiency and agility.

Product transfered in the OS community

Centreon Newtest becomes an OS project. Dedicated to QoE Newtest software controls, Centreon Newtest is now a project within the open source community. Centreon Newtest on GitHub


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