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New release of Centreon Poller Display 1.6

Blog New release of Centreon Poller Display 1.6

Centreon-Poller-Display is an open source and free module, available now in 1.6.0 version, designed to provide a light version of Centreon Web locally on your pollers. This interface allows users to view the monitored resources of the poller from the poller itself. This is interesting for users who are near to the poller server and away from the Central server or in case of a Central/network outage.

New features

This new version changes the mechanism to manage local ‘centreon’ database on the poller to use Centreon Web interface on this one.

This change allows to export on distant poller:

  • configuration of hosts, services, hosts’ groups, services’ groups
  • hosts and services categories
  • contacts and contacts’ groups
  • ACL configuration (groups, menus, resources, actions)

To do this, a new component is now mandatory on Centreon central server to define if the poller have a Centreon Poller Display interface. The component on distant poller still mandatory.

Please read the documentation to use this new version.


For users using a poller to concentrate monitoring data from multiple pollers with Centreon Poller Display, this version doesn’t support this mechanism. Please keep your actual Centreon Poller Display 1.5.x version.


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