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CentOS 7: install Centreon

Blog CentOS 7: install Centreon

Because the end of life of version 6 of the CentOS linux distribution is approaching (November 30th, 2020), it is important for Centreon to offer a new ISO version 3.4.6 based on version 7 of the CentOS distribution.

Distribution mode

Open Source software supplied by Centreon is generally available in 4 formats:

Content of the new ISO image

The Centreon v3.4.6 ISO image allows the easy installation of a Centreon platform. Indeed, this ISO allows the installation of a CentOS operating system in version 7 as well as all the components of the Centreon software suite in the same process.

Because there are several possible architectures for a Centreon platform, in order to best meet your needs, this ISO image allows you to install different server roles:

  • Central with database: install Centreon (web interface and database), monitoring engine and broker
  • Central without database: install Centreon (web interface only), monitoring engine and broker
  • Poller: install poller (monitoring engine and broker only)
  • Database only: install database server (use with Central server without database option)

Thus this new ISO image contains the most recent CentOS system as well as the latest components of the most up-to-date Open Source Centreon Software Suite during its generation:

  • Centreon Web 2.8.19
  • Centreon Broker 3.0.13
  • Centreon Engine 1.8.1
  • Centreon Plugins

Follow the Centreon official documentation to install your Centreon platform using this new version.

Good installation 😉



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