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Centreon IMP in 10 key points

Blog Centreon IMP in 10 key points

Losses from IT service disruptions and unplanned downtime, although smaller in figures, can be more crippling for SMBs/SMEs than for large enterprise. Indeed, data recovery can take up to 9 hours and involve 40% productivity losses which represent $55K-$100K in lost revenues (CA Tech report).

But due to resource pressures, growing density and diversity of devices, applications and services in increasingly hybrid infrastructure (physical, virtual, cloud), deploying good monitoring becomes challenging for their IT staff, if it’s not totally overlooked.

Centreon IMP completely solve this problem: being able to empower ITOM professionals with round-the-clock monitored IT information and insight, regardless of sector, size or IT staff and resources.

Centreon IMP, ready-to-use monitoring solution, in 10 key points:

  • Based on robust Centreon monitoring platform (version 3.4), used by 200,000 IT pros around the world
  • Payment and set-up online
  • No lock-in monthly subscription or benefit from a reduction on annual plan
  • Huge catalogue of plugin-ready IT domains that drastically cuts TTM (time-to-monitoring)
  • Free and unlimited access to 11 Plugin Packs (Windows SNMP, Linux SNMP, Cisco network, printer RFC 3805, UPS RFC 1628, MySQL + LDAP, HTTP, DNS, DHCP, FTP)
  • Online payable access to +160 Plugin Packs
  • Regular maintenance and updates plus additions of new plugin packs to benefit from as needed
  • Online technical documentation and FAQ
  • Web-based help desk
  • Community of 20,000 Centreon open source users & members for continuous reiterations and access to community ressources: Github, forum…

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