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Introducing Free Forever IT Monitoring for 100 Hosts or Less

Blog Introducing Free Forever IT Monitoring for 100 Hosts or Less

What’s the best way to monitor 100 IT assets or less without any upfront investment or time consuming coding, for a $0 yearly subscription, year after year? You’ve got it, it’s through the Centreon IT edition forever free trial offer. All 400+ connectors and the powerful auto-discovery engine, free, instantly, for up to 100 devices. You download it, you try it, you use it, no string attached. If you can’t wait a minute longer to get started on your Centreon IT journey, we understand. Go right ahead to the download page.

Otherwise, read on to learn more  on Centreon IT and its game changing free trial offer. 

What is Centreon IT Edition?

Centreon IT Edition monitors the complete IT Infrastructure from cloud to edge for a clear and comprehensive view. Think of Centreon IT Edition as your first step towards a more ambitious business-aware monitoring strategy that harnesses sophisticated mapping and reporting capabilities. The best way to start experiencing the power (and satisfaction) of holistic cloud to edge monitoring is to download and try Centreon IT Edition today

A free trial that revolutionizes IT monitoring for smaller ITOps or system integrators

If you believed holistic, cloud-to-edge IT monitoring was out of your range, or that your operations were too small for enterprise-grade monitoring, things just changed dramatically. Centreon IT Edition gives you a free and complete access to all 400+ connectors and the auto-discovery engine to monitor up to 100 assets. In short, the Centreon IT Edition Free Trial enables instantaneous IT monitoring for smaller IT operations, bigger businesses with a small IT perimeter or system integrators monitoring these type of perimeters.

“No other solution on the market today offers a permanent, workable solution for free, enterprise-grade, cloud-to-edge  IT monitoring for smaller IT perimeters.” 

The main features of Centreon IT 

  • Free, enterprise-grade cloud-to-edge monitoring
  • Unlimited access to the auto-discovery engine feature 
  • Unlimited access to 400+ connector library  
  • Ready-to-monitor configuration templates
  • All-in-one virtual appliance
  • Custom dashboards 
  • Role-based access control
  • Adapted to distributed monitoring and operations
  • Cloud-augmented
  • Open source flexibility
  • Unmatched monitoring scope
  • Efficient event management with mobile application
  • Future and AIOps-ready platform

Centreon IT Edition and it’s free trial  in 5 questions

  • What can I monitor with the Centreon IT Edition?

Centreon IT Edition is scalable to the number of hosts you want to monitor. The limit of the free trial of the Centreon IT Edition is not on WHAT you can monitor but on HOW MANY HOSTS you can monitor. With the free trial, you can monitor the full range of your network, from cloud to edge for a clear and comprehensive view of 100 hosts or less, for as long as you need it. If you need to monitor more than 100 hosts, you will just evolve to our scalable pricing scheme based on the size of your perimeter. 

  • How do I start using the Centreon IT Edition?

  1. Request your free token – you’ll get the token to activate your free license by email.
  2. Install or update the Centreon platform.
  3. Activate your free software license for up to 100 devices.
  4. Start monitoring from cloud to edge. 

  • How does the free trial of Centreon IT edition compare with the Centreon open source edition?

Within the limit of the 100 hosts free trial offer, Centreon IT Edition extends our open source framework with a unique auto-discovery engine and over 2,700 ready-to-monitor configuration templates, all packaged into our library of 400+ connectors. Our open source edition gives you all the room you want to do things yourself, exactly how you need them, for as many hosts as you want. 

  • What should I do if I have more than 100 devices to monitor? 

Centreon IT Edition is scalable to the size of your IT perimeter. Simply ask for a quote. Pricing is based on the number of devices being monitored, starting at 250 monitored devices. A paying subscription includes software licenses, access to our Support team by phone or by mail and unlimited software updates. You can upgrade to Centreon Business Edition to benefit from advanced mapping and reporting capabilities. You may also further develop your perimeter using our open source edition.

  • What should I do if I had a subscription for a few specific connectors?

If you were subscribing to IMP-100, Centreon IT Edition’s free trial offer is your new go-to solution. If you were subscribing to an older package and monitoring more than 100 devices, you’ll need to purchase a Centreon IT Edition license. You can always leverage the open source edition. 

“With the Centreon IT Edition, we’re empowering you to implement and harness best-in-class, holistic monitoring, actionable from headquarters to remote sites or IoT.”

More resources to start using Centreon IT and its free trial

Your path to holistic, cloud-to-edge monitoring, forever free for up to 100 devices.

  1. Request your free license
  2. Setup your first platform
  3. First login
  4. Add your Centreon IT Edition token 
  5. Basic principles of monitoring
  6. Start to monitor your first host
  7. Deploying a configuration
  8. Access to tutorials to enjoy your monitoring

Start today – download Centreon IT Edition and enjoy instant cloud-to-edge monitoring. 

Contact us if you need more information or want to determine if Centreon IT Edition is what you need. You can also review our complete FAQ on Centreon IT edition and the forever free trial.


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