Frequently asked questions / Centreon IMP

1. What is included in Centreon IMP?


The Centreon IMP trial version includes:
– ready-to-run full-feature Centreon monitoring platform with plugin-ready integration to monitor Centreon natively plus Linux SNMP, Windows SNMP, MySQL database, standard printers and standard UPS.
– Online tutorials and documents to help get started.
– 5 FREE Plugin Packs to cover networking protocols (DHCP, DNS, HTTP, LDAP, FTP)

The Centreon paid subscriptions include all of the above, plus:
– the full catalogue of Centreon-managed Plugin Packs (covering 150+ major IT domains, over 2000 pre-configured command templates)
– updates and maintenance to renew and ensure quality for the library of plugin packs
– web-based help desk

2. Are there restrictions to the trial version of Centreon IMP?
None whatsoever. Try it for as long as you like, and on any number of hosts if it meets your monitoring needs. In the spirit of open source, Centreon has been conceived to make monitoring available and easy for any IT organization.
3. What are the technical requirements (HW, SW, OS versions) to set up a Centreon monitoring platform to use Centreon IMP?
Centreon is open source based and is associated to an instance of a central server. The key pre-requisite for using Centreon IMP is to download and install the FREE Centreon monitoring platform. Please ensure you are running Centreon 3.4 with Centreon Web 2.8 (dedicated for IMP). This process will advise on any HW and SW requirements.
4. I installed the Plugin Pack and deployed it but I have the following message in my supervision: “(No output returned from plugin)”

Plugin Packs provide a ready-to-use configuration of Centreon Plugins. Only Centreon Plugins related to free packs have been installed by default on your Centreon servers. For other Plugins, it is necessary to follow the deployment procedure, in order to install the probes and their associated dependencies. This procedure is available by clicking on the “?” icon of each Plugin Pack once installed.

5. Can I transfer my subscription on another Centreon host?

No, it is not possible. Centreon IMP is based on Centreon host authentication via a unique identifier. If you change the technical feature of Centreon host, your identifier becomes wrong. Thus, it is recommended that you do not change the feature of your Centreon host. However, if you want to change that, please contact us on

6. Can I upgrade, downgrade or cancel my Centreon IMP subscription at any time?

Any change or cancellation of your subscription, once paid, will take effect at the end of your chosen plan. If for any exceptional reason you wish to change or cancel immediately, please contact us.

7. How can I make payment?

You can pay using a credit or debit card, by PayPal.

8. How can I subscribe to a few different subscription plans?

You may subscribe to a few different plans by checking out each order separately. This is to ensure that a dedicated license key is associated to each Centreon IMP platform with the chosen duration.

9. Is there a discount for Centreon IMP subscriptions?

The 6-month and 12-month subscription plans of Centreon IMP offer discounted rates that give you savings up to 17% and 28% respectively.

10. As a subscriber of Centreon IMP, how can I get help if I run into problems?

Centreon IMP is designed for IT administrators, with access to relevant technical documentation HERE. As a subscriber, you can also send queries via our online helpdesk via Kayako.

11. What can I do if my installation of Centreon IMP does not work?

Please check if you have downloaded and installed the required Centreon software versions, and followed the user guide and tutorials provided online. If the problem with installation persist, please raise a ticket using your account via the dedicated online helpdesk.

12. What happens if I stop my subscription to Centreon IMP? Will I lose all the Centreon plugins I've installed?

No, the installed Centreon Plugin Packs will remain in your system. However, your monitoring will not have access to updates, enhancements and new plugins.

13. What are the main differences between Centreon EMS and Centreon IMP?


Notwithstanding the size of your business, we consider that different companies have different IT needs. Centreon EMS is the enterprise edition that completes the free Centreon platform to offer a turnkey solution for distributed and multi-site IT infrastructure. It includes our comprehensive software product suite: EPP, MAP, BAM, MBI, as well as unlimited ticket support and maintenance for them. The solution comes in the form of perpetual or renewable license every year. Contact us for what works best for you.


Centreon IMP is a no-frills monitoring solution based on the free Centreon platform for small IT teams (1-5) who want to get up and running quickly on their own, without having to deal with plugin scripting and testing. Centreon IMP offers proven enterprise-quality monitoring with a vast catalogue of Plugin Packs (150+), ready with scripts and pre-configured templates that’s reliable and robust to be operational immediately. Technical queries are responded to simply by email. All that’s needed to use Centreon IMP is to sign up and pay online for the chosen plan.


14. Does Centreon IMP have a topology mapping feature?

Not in the current version.

15. How can I find out what Centreon IMP monitors with its plugin packs?

You can check out our full Centreon Plugin Pack library online.

16. Is Centreon IMP compatible with Nagvis?

In the Centreon open source community, you will find users who have successfully integrated Nagvis with Centreon because of the open source standards maintained. You may be able to find resources and help on GitHub if desired. As a company, we do not support the compatibility of Centreon IMP with Nagvis.

17. How can I add Centreon MAP, BAM or MBI to Centreon IMP?

Please contact us if you’d like to integrate additional Centreon functionalities to your Centreon IMP user license.

18. Can I pay in USD or other currency besides Euro?

Not at present.