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Frequently asked questions / Centreon IMP

About the Centreon IMP Solution

1. What is Centreon IMP?
Centreon IMP is a fully-packaged, easy-to-use on-premise monitoring solution that includes the Centreon Open-Source Solution, a support contract, access to the Centreon Plugin Pack catalog and the Centreon auto-discovery feature.
2. How can I subscribe to Centreon IMP?

There are three ways to subscribe to Centreon IMP. The solution can be subscribed directly from the Centreon sales team, from a trusted Centreon Certified Partner or online from the Centreon ecommerce website.

3. What are the differences between subscribing online, directly from Centreon or its Certified Partners?
Centreon and its Certified Partners are certified to provide a whole range of support options that are not available online. They can also quote a scalable solution for any number of equipment to be monitored. When buying online, the maximum number of hosts that can be monitored is restricted (e.g. 100 equipment when subscribing to Centreon IMP-100) and the conditions to access the support team are limited and less flexible.
4. What are the differences between Centreon Open-Source, Centreon IMP and Centreon EMS solutions?

This page describes the main differences between the three solutions.

5. Can I upgrade my Centreon IMP platform to Centreon EMS?

Yes, please contact sales@centreon.com to get a quote.

Subscribing to Centreon IMP online with store.centreon.com/en/

6. Which online centreon IMP offering is currently available?
Centreon IMP-100 is an online subscription for an on-premise Centreon IMP platform that can monitor up to 100 hosts and can access the full Centreon Plugin Packs catalog.
7. Are there differences between current and past online Centreon IMP offerings?

From 2016 to 2018, Centreon offered an online Centreon IMP subscription that we now call Centreon IMP/2016 to differentiate it from current offerings.

Centreon IMP/2016 did not limit the number of hosts that can be monitored by the platform. The support contract only covered the Plugin Pack functionality rather than the whole platform. It also only granted access to a subset of the Plugin Packs catalog.

Centreon IMP-100 limits the number of hosts that can be monitored to 100. The support contract covers the entire Centreon platform. It also grants access to 100% of the Plugin Packs catalog.

8. What type of support is included in the current online Centreon IMP offering?
Centreon IMP online subscriptions give access to Centreon TechSupport (CTS) and applies to the complete solution. CTS can be reached by email and all customer issues are acknowledged within one business day.
9. Which Plugin Packs may I download with my Centreon IMP-100 subscription?

Centreon IMP-100 grants access to 100% of the Plugin Packs catalog.

10. How many hosts may I monitor with my Centreon IMP-100 subscription?

Up to 100 hosts may be monitored with a Centreon IMP-100 subscription.

11. What is a host?
A host is any physical or virtual equipment with an IP address that can be monitored by Centreon: a switch, a router, a server, a virtual machine or instance, a database instance, and many more.
12. What happens if I exceed the maximum number of hosts allowed by my subscription?
If you exceed the maximum number of hosts, the platform keeps monitoring. However, support will be unavailable, you can’t update your Plugin Packs or download new Plugin Packs, and auto-discovery feature is not applicable anymore.
13. How can I reach the Support Team when I have an issue?
14. Which payment method do you allow?

You may use a credit card or a PayPal account.

Using Centreon IMP-100

15. What are the prerequisites to benefit from a Centreon IMP-100 subscription?
Download and install the latest version of Centreon OS and then register your platform with your Centreon account. A server or virtual machine with 2 vCPU and 2 GB of RAM is required. This server must access Internet.
The platform must access Internet. If this requires a proxy server, you should configure its IP address in the “Administration > Parameters > Centreon UI” menu.
17. I installed the Plugin Pack and deployed it but I have the following message in my supervision: “(No output returned from plugin)”.
Plugin Packs provide a ready-to-use configuration of Centreon Plugins. Only Centreon Plugins related to free packs have been installed by default on your Centreon servers. For other plugins, it is necessary to follow the deployment procedure, in order to install the probes and their associated dependencies. This procedure is available by clicking on the “?” icon of each Plugin Pack once installed.
18. Can I transfer my subscription to another Centreon host?

No, it is not possible. Centreon IMP is based on Centreon host authentication via a unique identifier. If you change the technical feature of Centreon host, your identifier becomes wrong. Thus, it is recommended that you do not change the feature of your Centreon host. However, if you need to change that, please contact us via email at imp@centreon.com.

19. Can I upgrade, downgrade or cancel my Centreon IMP subscription at any time?

Any change or cancellation of your subscription, once paid, will take effect at the end of your chosen plan. If for any exceptional reason you need to change or cancel immediately, please contact us at imp@centreon.com.

20. How can I subscribe to multiple subscription plans?
You may subscribe to multiple different plans by checking out each order separately. This is to ensure that a dedicated license key is associated to each Centreon IMP platform with the chosen duration.
21. What happens if I cancel my subscription to Centreon IMP?
When your subscription is not valid anymore, the platform keeps monitoring. You no longer have access to CTS, you can’t update your Plugin Packs or download new Plugin Packs, and Centreon’s auto-discovery feature is no longer applicable.

Centreon IMP platform subscribed before end of 2018 (also called Centreon IMP/2016)

22. I initially subscribed to Centreon IMP before the end of 2018, what happens now?
From 2016 to 2018, Centreon offered an online Centreon IMP subscription that we now call Centreon IMP/2016 to differentiate it from current offerings. At this time, there is no change for customers using the IMP/2016 subscription plan and customers are granted the same service. The number of hosts that can be monitored by the platform is not limited, the support contract only covers the Plugin Packs functionality, a subset only of the Plugin Packs catalog may be accessed, and subscription is renewed as usual.
23. Will Centreon stop this Centreon IMP/2016 service?
No. Centreon does not sell this plan to new customers anymore, but Centreon does not plan to stop the service for existing customers.
24. I currently monitor less than 100 hosts, may I upgrade my Centreon IMP/2016 subscription to a Centreon IMP-100 to benefit from the complete Plugin Packs catalog and extended support?
Yes. You should first cancel the automatic renewal of your subscription, then wait until the end of the current subscription period. You may then subscribe to Centreon IMP-100 and register your platform to this new subscription.
25. I currently monitor more than 100 hosts, how can I have an extended support and access the complete Plugin Packs catalog?

Contact our sales team at sales@centreon.com to get a customized quote.