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New Monitoring Connector Releases – May 2023

Blog New Monitoring Connector Releases – May 2023

Every month, Centreon extends its monitoring connector catalog and implements new ones, allowing you to connect your IT monitoring with more ITOps tools. The result: increased visibility and business observability capabilities. We also offer enhancements and fixes on existing connectors.

Here is the latest news on your best allies: our monitoring connectors!

To learn more, you can also read the related documentation, contact our sales team or post a message on The Watch.

 Reminder: since the 23.04 new release, there is a new name for our Plugin Packs. We will now refer to them as Monitoring Connectors.

Four new monitoring connectors added to the catalog this month

There are 4 new monitoring connectors to discover this month.

Outscale API monitoring connector

Outscale is a French cloud operator that offers virtual machines, storage, VPNs, load balancers, and allows instant, need-based deployment of infrastructure, applications and services, including Linux and Windows applications in Europe, North America and Asia.

Using this new connector, all services attached to an account can be discovered (through service discovery), facilitating their monitoring.(More about the Outscale monitoring connector)

Amazon Direct Connect monitoring connector

This is yet another cloud-related connector. Amazon Direct Connect provides an entry point to AWS and then, with access to any AWS region, through links within AWS. (More about the Amazon Direct Connect monitoring connector)

Using this connector’s auto-discovery features, you will be able to monitor AWS Direct Connect connections and virtual interfaces.

Keysight NVOS Monitoring Connector

Keysight NVOS is an OS for open-switch network devices providing a variety of information, including hardware status, system time offset and uptime. This connector integrates discovery rules and services to monitor dynamic filter counters as well as typical network interface metrics. (More about the Keysight NVOS monitoring connector)

HMS Netbiter Argos™ RestAPI Monitoring Connector

Netbiter Argos™ is a cloud platform for managing IoT devices. This Centreon connector lets you discover all the available sensors as well as escalate alarms that have been set up. (More about the HMs Netbiter Argos RestAPI monitoring connector)


    Great enhancements this month!

    Protocol TCP, Protocol UDP et Generic SNMP Monitoring connectors

    In an effort to offer more than ICMP checks for host monitoring, we’ve added new host monitoring commands and host templates to these three monitoring connectors.

    MySQL/MariaDB connector

    A Collection service model was added to this connector,  to make Collection mode easier to use. Collection mode was created a little while ago. To learn more about collections, we recommend reading this post and also this one which relates specifically to the MySQL/MariaDB collection.

    Bug fixes 

    • The latest anomalies reported on Azure Policies States have now been corrected.
    • The Centreon Poller connector Broker-Stats service model has been corrected.
    • The xFusion iBMC SNMP connector hardware monitoring command has been fixed.


    More details on this month’s monitoring connectors can be found in the release note. And more information about the 23.04 new release here 😊


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