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Centreon BAM 3.6.0, a new step in interoperability: real time API released!

Blog Centreon BAM 3.6.0, a new step in interoperability: real time API released!

We’re happy to announce that we’re releasing Centreon BAM real time APIs in the 3.6.0 version. By releasing that API, we give you the possibility to easily retrieve applications or IT services health from anywhere. This gives you the possibility to include those data in any third party application and correlate or visualize them next to any other useful IT information.

Let’s say you want to monitor the health of a standard application as below:

In that case, pilots and/or technical managers want to keep a detailed vision on how things work and what precisely doesn’t work when outages happen. In that case, you’re probably going to create a representation of that application using Centreon BAM that would look like that:

Now the business users of the application don’t have access to the Centreon user interface and surely don’t want this level of technical details. But they would love to be kept informed in real-time about any problem with the application: is it fully available or not? If not, is someone working on it? Or are we in the middle of some planned maintenance? And they’d typically expect this information to be displayed in the Intranet or something equivalent.

In that case, thanks to Centreon BAM real time API, you can build a dedicated page or even include some high level information on application’s health in your ITOM to retrieve the current status of the “Application” level. Here is an example to get the status of that application and retrieve whether it’s in planned downtime or if someone is working on it :

URL to call:



Visit our documentation to discover all the data and parameters available.

This was just an example of what can be done using Centreon BAM real time API. As you know, API are here to let you do everything you want, so enjoy it and share your best integration with us.

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More about Centreon BAM in the factsheet. Do you want a custom presentation or try Centreon BAM on your Centreon platform? Please, contact us.


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