Centreon BAM

ITIL-centric metrics that aligns IT service delivery with business

Centreon BAM

Centreon BAM (Business Activity Monitoring) helps ITSM and business operation teams gain a common perspective to align IT with business.

Based on ITIL practices, it measures real-time IT operating vitals from Centreon-monitored data to show crucial correlations with service performance.
Prioritizing and proactively managing IT operations and service delivery for required SLA, OLA or UC becomes easier. And making IT count for business operations becomes a given.


Proactive management of service-level engagements & thresholds

Manage proactively with configuration to weight KPIs on availability management and performance delivery according to SLA, OLA or UC.


Response-level priorities become obvious

Leverage real-time tracking of relevant IT health status, warning and critical thresholds – indicators displayed up to the second.


Root cause analysis is enabled

Shows multi-level information drill-down according to pre-structured operational KPI groups, by database, by load-balancers, by security, by user access, etc


Get a better understanding

Discern service delivery implications by correlating the calculated Centreon BAM KPIs with APM or QoE metrics.


Strengthening of IT’s relevance to management

Demonstrate short-term and long-term value that transcends silo-ed IT views – made easier with Centreon MBI for intelligence reporting..