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N°1 open source IT

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Centreon has come a long way from its early roots. A user-friendly monitoring console on Nagios before, Centreon is today, a rich monitoring platform powered by Centreon Engine, Centreon Broker and Centreon Web.

Monitoring-savvy geeks who want Nagios inspired flexibility without its complexity, easily embrace Centreon for robust infrastructure systems and network performance monitoring. Downloaded by hundreds and thousands of IT professionals worldwide, Centreon has become the no. 1 open source solution for enterprise monitoring in France!



Install and deploy within minutes – no holds barred.


Setup ready

Fully incorporating CentOS, system components and interdependencies associated to RHEL in RPM and includes SNMP plugins.



Operationally robust platform with powerful data handling and safeguards, advanced indicators, and a unified management console for reliable round-the-clock monitoring.



Integrates with additional sites, devices and their dependencies while maintaining homogeneous monitoring over distributed operations..



No host or device limit : expand to as many IT assets and sites as needed


Do more with less

Effortless deep and broad monitoring coverage with Centreon’s vast catalogue of Plugin Packs Centreon

Advanced monitoring with additional software modules: Centreon MAP, Centreon BAM, Centreon MBI.

On-hand enterprise level support & services : consulting, installation, migration, customization, etc

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One‌ of‌ the‌ nicest‌ things‌ about‌ choosing‌ Centreon‌ is‌ knowing‌ we’ll‌ be‌ able‌ to‌ evolve‌ and‌ scale‌ IT‌ monitoring‌ in‌ an‌ affordable‌ and‌ effortless‌ way‌ as‌ our‌ needs‌ and‌ those‌ of‌ our‌ customers,‌ grow‌ over‌ time.”

Sébastien Bouliane

network and system administrator at cpu, canada


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