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Centreon Open Source Manifesto

In 2003, two enthusiastic students started Centreon as an Open Source project. They established a company two years later to help the project grow and always stayed true to their Open Source commitments. Centreon is now supporting IT teams globally.

Open Source is our choice, here’s what it means to us, and to the world!

Centreon Open Source Manifesto

The world runs on IT, Open Source IT.

The world runs on IT. It is at the very core of everything we do today in business and our personal lives.

At Centreon, we firmly advocate for the transformative potential of Open Source software, asserting that it furnishes organizations with the creativity and agility necessary to construct and manage the IT infrastructure that underpins our digital realm.

Indeed, we are convinced that the richness and diversity of Open Source projects have played an indispensable role in shaping today’s interconnected and digital landscape.

Future-proof is the challenge, Open Source the opportunity.

The ever-changing, complex digital environment is never static. As technology continuously evolves, it provides organizations with a foundation to change and innovate for strategic advantage.

Open Source plays a significant role in making IT platforms more future-proof. It reduces dependency on specific vendors, adds transparency, and provides flexibility to adapt to evolving business requirements.

By nurturing a community of developers who maintain and extend the solution, Open Source projects can often outlive commercial software.

Always-on Business requires enterprise ready solutions.

IT is the platform to drive, enable and deliver business performance. It must be always-on — with networks, services and applications performing optimally and delivering seamless customer experience. Business today can’t afford to slow down or go down.

Centreon collaborates with a network of partners to deliver secure, reliable IT monitoring solutions backed by world-class services and unwavering customer support.

We see the superior value and productivity offered by the convergence of two worlds: the openness and flexibility of an Open Source solution, coupled with the peace of mind afforded by an enterprise ready distribution.

At Centreon, we’re proud to contribute.

In 2003, we sensed that Open Source was the future, and that it would have an impact on the world, on the industry, and on individuals. This is why we still contribute to Open Source today.

We are convinced that Open Source helps create a better world by making impactful technologies accessible.

We believe that Open Source fuels innovation and excellence in the IT industry. By providing access to the source code, we create opportunities for groundbreaking ideas and expand the realm of possibilities.

Collaboration and knowledge sharing are key to progress. Our commitment is to foster an environment where developers, users, and enthusiasts can collaborate seamlessly, breaking down barriers and leveraging collective intelligence for greater freedom.

We understand Open Source, we commit to Open Source.

Thanks to the history of Centreon and the background of our collaborators, we acknowledge the importance of being good open source citizens. This translates into concrete statements that we want to publicly make so that we are bound by them: together, they form the Centreon Open Source Policy.

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