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Monthly New Plugin Packs Releases – January 2021

Blog Monthly New Plugin Packs Releases – January 2021

As you’re aware, Centreon releases new connectors (Plugin Packs) as well as enhancements or fixes to existing connectors on a monthly basis. Plugin Packs help you interconnect your ITOps tools to your IT monitoring solution, providing higher visibility and observability.   

This is your latest update on your best monitoring allies, the Centreon Plugin Packs. Should you wish to learn more on some of the new items, you may explore the relevant documentation or get in touch with our Presales team. You can also connect with us using the #centreon-plugins channel on Slack.

New Plugin Packs of the Month

Seamlessly Integrate


  • Commvault Commserve: Using the Commeserve Server API, you can retrieve all alerts and jobs status relating to backups. It’s also easier to check on the disk space used by backups. An automated discovery rule allows to automatically ensure Media Agents are connected and working properly.


  • Amazon Web Services: Two new connectors allow you to monitor your network interconnections and their security using metrics retrieved from the Cloudwatch API. Whether it is the Transit Gateways linking your on-premise networks and your cloud resources or your VPNs, you have the ability to detect downtime and monitor the bandwidth used for these services.
  • Azure Log Analytics: Thanks to this new Plugin Pack, perform any KustoQL query from Centreon to be able to extract entries from your log management tool for logs and trigger alerts if the number of data returned is not what was expected.

Object-Oriented Storage: 

  • Hitachi HCP: monitor your object-oriented storage with this new package. From hardware nodes’ components status to logical space usage at each level (tenant volume) deploy the monitoring and get an alert as soon as a problem is detected. You can use the discovery rules to efficiently deploy all monitoring checks that matter.

Industry IoT: 

  • HMS Networks Ewon: Whether you have deployed these devices for secure remote access, IoT data collection or any other functionality they offer, it is now possible to monitor them by retrieving this information via SNMP. Each of the tags can be discovered and thresholds in line with the end-of-line equipment can be declared to generate an alert.

See you next month for the latest updates!

In the meantime, click here to view our full catalog of Plugin Packs and our technical sheets to fully benefit from the advantages of connected monitoring.


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