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Monthly Plugin Packs Releases – November 2021

Blog Monthly Plugin Packs Releases – November 2021

Every month, Centreon extends its catalog of Plugin Packs and implements new connectors to allow you to connect your monitoring with ITOps tools. The result: more visibility and observability capabilities. We also offer enhancements and fixes on existing Plugin Packs.

Here is our latest news on your best allies: the Plugin Packs!

To learn more, you can also read the related documentation, contact our sales team or post a message on The Watch.

New Plugin Packs of the Month


Oracle is evolving the metrics exposure for its ZFS/ZS storage appliances. A new pack allows access to information through the API and thus provides more extensive and complementary monitoring to existing controls. 

If you use Cisco ESA (now Secure Email Gateway) to secure your email, then it’s important to use this new pack to keep an eye on the state of the system in terms of load but also on indicators like the number of quarantined messages, for example. 

Have you upgraded your storage infrastructure with Dell PowerStore appliances? If so, deploy new metrics dedicated to monitoring each piece of hardware and ongoing alerts. 

Are you a Grafana user? Then it’s important to monitor its health at all times. If you would like to have access to more indicators, don’t hesitate to let us know! 

Do your applications, servers or processes use IBM MQ to communicate and exchange information? This month, we’re changing the way we monitor your applications by using APIs instead of the command line we’ve been using until now. Regardless of the version you use, you can more easily monitor your queues and their managers. 

🧪 Experimental

In order to access some feedback like the utilization rate of Azure cloud machine partitions, we are giving access in test to a pack allowing the monitoring of VM Insights metrics retrieved through Log Analytics APIs. If you have enabled this feature on your VMs, please test it and share your impressions with us.

New discovery dimension

Host discovery takes on a new dimension with the introduction of Nmap as your network scanning tool. Support your monitoring with a discovery performed by an open-source tool known for its ability to identify elements of your IT system (listening ports, services, etc.). More information to come in a dedicated blog post

Nmap discovery also benefits from the introduction of new capabilities in the management of new types of data returned by the plugins that were released with 21.10. This is also the case for all Cloud monitoring packs (AWS, Azure & GCP)


  • Azure Log Analytics: Rename Host Macro to combine both Azure Monitor and Log Analytics monitoring data on the same resource
  • Azure Monitor Metric: Configure namespace from the host template
  • Azure Compute Virtual Machine: Azure monitor now displays (preview) available memory metric on VMs
  • Polycom Trio: New paired and registration modes available


  • Ansible Tower: Host Discovery command has been corrected
  • Cisco ASA: Removal of a SNMP optimization which was conflicting with firmware latest versions 
  • Cisco WAP: Command checking the number of connected clients has been fixed
  • Commvault: Added support for thresholds for the number of offline agents
  • Elastic: Remove protocol (–proto) option duplication
  • Mulesoft: status thresholds were fixed, new logo, better template associations
  • Salesforce: Force instance’s alias use rather than instance’s name, as it’s now the only supported method
  • Ubiquiti: Fixed typo in virtual access point check command

Check it out

  • Fritz!box: complete pack and plugin rewriting to add indicators and use recommended monitoring protocol (UPnP)

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See you next month for more new features!


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