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New IT Monitoring Centreon solution: how Centreon IMP helps SMB IT Managers or administrators

Blog New IT Monitoring Centreon solution: how Centreon IMP helps SMB IT Managers or administrators

It is not uncommon to find SMB IT managers simultaneously managing physical, virtual and cloud-based operations (40% of those surveyed by IDC in 2014). Small or not, they have to deal with a diversity of IT assets, and integrating good monitoring for each of them takes some knowledge and precious time.

Installing monitoring is a costly initiative in itself that can affect the smooth running of services and operations since it takes up valuable resources they don’t have.

Because of this, Centreon, our free open source monitoring platform has been widely adopted by monitoring-savvy administrators of SMBs for years. But they still had to figure out the installation and integration on their own. What we realized is that we can do better for them in this day and age when IT has become a complicated must-have to do business.

Help SMB IT managers or administrators

Business-conscious IT managers in thriving SMBs may like the greater flexibility and unchallenged affordability of open source. But there’s a non-negligible trade-off to figuring out the integration of open source monitoring in terms of time, staff and budget resources, especially if they have to resort to DIY tactics. Being operational is more critical to their business than for large companies.

IT Monitoring shoud not be a pain! With Centreon IMP, we are making the integration of robust open source monitoring easier so resource-challenged SMBs can immediately be informed on the availability and performance of their IT infrastructure and assets.

Boost the time-to-monitoring

This is made possible by the Centreon plugin packs. They enable any IT infrastructure with diverse assets and resources to be probed and instantly operational with Centreon. IT administrators can instantly access, install and monitor a wide range of industry standard IT domains: networks, servers, applications, storage, database, devices, equipment, and so forth – physical, virtual or hybrid infrastructures.

All the subscriber needs to do is download the open source Centreon monitoring platform and install the required plugin packs, whether it’s to monitor 10 IT assets or a couple of hundreds.  A user-friendly system in the form of the Centreon PP Manager (Plugin Packs Manager) makes it easy for the user to select what’s needed and to intuitively detect configuration changes of each monitored asset.

Centreon IMP focuses on helping them get installed and integrated to monitor diverse IT assets as quickly as possible at a bargain. And it does not heap on more work or use up valuable resources they don’t have.

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