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Domain Specific or All-In-One Infrastructure Monitoring Suite?

Blog Domain Specific or All-In-One Infrastructure Monitoring Suite?

Are you facing the head-scratching dilemma of domain specific monitoring vs heterogenous monitoring? Or are you just trying to cut a straight path into labyrinthine IT operations? We hope you’ll make it to the Frankfurt Gartner IT Infrastructure & Operations Management Summit, on June 5th and 6th, which Centreon is sponsoring. Our main task there will be to meet with I&O leaders that are looking to streamlining operations while staying on a zero downtime winning streak. This post discusses this delicate balancing act. Thankfully, you don’t need much acrobatic training to pull this off. The recommended reading at the end of this post might be just what you need.

Why Infrastructure Monitoring Achieved Rock Star Status (Well, Almost)

Who would have guessed just a decade ago that infrastructure monitoring would become the coolest kid on the block? We gain new friends every day because everyone prays at night that the systems and applications that are crucial to business will continue humming the next day. The other reason we’re on a first-name basis with more and more people at work is the generalized addiction to the metrics that allow to constantly improve performance both on the IT and business fronts. With great powers come greater responsibility, and suddenly you find yourself seriously looking at your monitoring and data collecting practices. With your infrastructure spanning decades of technologies and the increased investments in virtual environments, it may seem easier at first to take the domain specific route, saving what looks like an uphill battle towards a fully integrated infrastructure monitoring system. You may also want to avoid busting your budget as some of those integrated solutions are way out of reach for those of us that are forced to run on a shoestring.

What Gartner Says About This

The jury might still be out for some, but has come up with a verdict:

Monitor a heterogeneous IT infrastructure environment by deploying an infrastructure monitoring suite, and leverage other IT operations management (ITOM) tools to fill functionality gaps… This provides better value when compared to a collection of similarly priced domain-specific products, since multiple features are now part of one offering.” — Gartner recommendation

Heterogenous Is Doable and Profitable With Centreon

Our Centreon EMS product is a modular, all-in-one IT infrastructure monitoring solution for distributed, business-critical infrastructures. It provides instant, turnkey access to over 24already addressed: networks, servers, applications, storage, databases, devices, equipment, you name it. The whole range of physical, virtual or hybrid infrastructure is covered, so you see, heterogeneous does not mean monolithic. You pick and choose to match what you have and it’s scalable to the future.


You’ll also love the unique data streaming capabilities of Centreon EMS that can feed AIOps platforms with diverse datasets in an agnostic manner. ITOM teams with data from Graphite, InfluxDB, Elasticsearch, Splunk or ServiceNow can benefit from this AIOps-ready functionality.

Would you like to kick this solution’s tires?

  • See how Centreon EMS could work wonders for your company, visiting our booth at the Gartner Summit in Frankfurt on June 5th and 6th for a demonstration. Our booth is open during the Networking Reception on June 5th. If you want a last-minute meeting or can’t find your way to our booth, contact our onsite team:
  • It may be easier for you to just request a meeting with us. We’ll show up quick, wherever you are!

We Know You Love to Research Things

We’ve included here a list of potential reading to dig deeper into the question of building a heterogenous monitoring environment based on the systems you own and use – as hybrid as they can be. Enjoy! Contact us if you need more info.

A love affair is burgeoning between you and your monitoring tool. It’s a relationship that should be steady and long term, quite simply because it’s going to be your everyday partner for a long time. Like all couples, you’re going to have to get past love at first sight to build a lasting relationship. We’ve made a list of 8 determining criteria to help you choose with peace of mind, and so that things run smoothly between yourself and your monitoring tool!

Monitoring deployment doesn’t stop at collecting metrics. Once the solution is getting all the data it requires from all types of infrastructure and application components, it is time to integrate it inside a much wider IT Operations Management ecosystem: it is key to seamlessly integrate with AIOps, ITSM and Automation tools.

IT Operations managers deserve better tools and a wider scope of functionalities. In the ServiceNow portfolio, Event Management collects the events of all these tools and uses predictive machine learning techniques to prevent outages. A dashboard gives a consolidated view of infrastructure and service health, associating monitoring alerts with all the relevant information available in the ServiceNow platform (incidents, changes, outages).

Hands-on Learning

IT Monitoring and BI Success Story

“With Centreon EMS’s reporting and BAM tools, we align IT monitoring to business activities. Information is open plan, transparency and communication are improved and the value proposal of the IT Department is clearly perceived.” Read the customer story.

If you want to read more customer stories, please visit blog Centreon-customer stories — you can also download the PDF versions here: Centreon customer stories.

About the Gartner IT Infrastructure & Operations Management Summit

The June 5 and 6, 2018 Summit agenda will feature tracks covering your biggest IT infrastructure and operations challenges and priorities.  Join us and you’ll hear from inspirational guest keynote speakers, Gartner-invited end-user case study speakers – real practitioners with real-world knowledge and Gartner analysts – the foremost experts in their areas of focus. Click here to see all the speakers!

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