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How can Centreon help companies to reach the third level of I&O maturity?

Blog How can Centreon help companies to reach the third level of I&O maturity?


Interview by Eileen LEE LAVERGNE, Chief Marketing Officer.

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How can we help companies to reach level 3, because that’s the minimum requirement?

For them to move to level 3, they need to look at how they might pull up those data and the metrics that they actually recover from the monitoring of Centreon systems. And moved up that up into a view that is useful and insightful for different type of users.
One of the reasons why people can’t be proactive in Infrastructure & Operations is because they tend to have many, many tools. The problem with that is these different tools don’t talk to each other. One of the key things that helps companies to collaborate with each other is to share information.
That’s why we say that our solution helps companies not only see but also share the right levels of insight with the different users. Because they share the information, they can collaborate better. And when they collaborate better, they can streamline what’s important or not. That’s what is very, very valuable to the business itself.

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