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Move Over, Summer! Back to Best ITSM/ITOM Practices

Blog Move Over, Summer! Back to Best ITSM/ITOM Practices

While most people want this vacation month to last forever, quite a few of us here at Centreon can’t wait for September. Oh we love the hiking, the canoeing, the fishing and the grilled marshmallows. But we can’t help it, topics like IS observability, scalability or interconnectivity dominate our minds. Well, you heard, Monitorama’s coming to Europe and some of us, R&D and Product Managers at Centreon are preparing for this international IT monitoring lovefest. After all, it’s a little like our own Coachella. Since most of us don’t care much for fancy outfits, this blog post will mainly focus on five themes you need to read on to enjoy Monitorama Amsterdam to the fullest come Sept. 4 & 5.

Before we dig in, let’s see how we can keep in touch during and after Monitorama EU

  • Your attendance is confirmed? Ask for a meeting with us – we’ll set aside some time just for you.
  • Are you planning on going but did not yet purchase your tickets? Contact us on, we might be able to help.
  • If you can’t make it, our blog, newsletter and social media platforms will tell you all about it—stay tuned.
  • BTW— if you’ve not done so already, join our GitHub and Slack communities to keep the collaboration flowing all year long.

Gathering an Entire Community to Progress on Key Issues

We have not seen Monitorama Amsterdam’s schedule just yet, although we noticed Yan Cui is coming this side of the Atlantic. Yan’s presentation was a highlight of Monitorama PDX, and we reported on it, along with other key topics of interest discussed in Portland, Oregon. Do not expect Amsterdam to be a cut and paste version of the North American conference: the rest of the speaker lineup is original stuff. We’re really looking forward to meet and collaborate with Europe’s best minds to further and accelerate the incredible transformation of the IT monitoring ecosystem, in step with the most complex challenges the new economy is throwing at our organizations.

Five of Centreon’s Fav Topics to Follow

The entire #monitoringlove community will be sharing and learning on best practices developed by ITOM/ITSM teams and the solution providers—like Centreon—that support them. Every day, Centreon is helping clients and the entire open source community solve some of the toughest challenges. Here’s a roundup of the topics you need to watch for and some of our best guidance or inspiration on each of them.

1- Constructive Monitoring. Centreon’s unique approach lies in the development of smart connectors that make monitoring the starting point of a much more ambitious journey. We call them Stream Connectors and you’ll grow fond of them. What’s even more fantastic is that these connectors help pave the way for your team and business to go beyond monitoring, developing and strengthening your IT automation and AIOps practices.

2- Monitoring automation. When do we scream GOOOAL here at Centreon? OK, figuratively speaking, we don’t mean that time when our national soccer team won the World Cup. Some hints: it’s not when our clients and users get early notice on arising problems. It’s not when they accurately diagnose issues in one swift look at a customizable dashboard. And it’s not just because we’re experts in the field of collecting the right data from all networks, servers, security and application components an IT Infrastructure is made of. We scream GOOOAL when our clients and users succeed at seamlessly integrating the data they collect into AIOps, ITSM and Automation tools. Seriously —Read more here to see how you could improve your score.

3- Converged observability. Observability starts after the basic monitoring. It’s the leveraging of holistic and data-rich approaches towards customizable dashboards and drill-down views that make the system observable, allowing stakeholders in the entire organization to figure out what’s going on exactly, where and why, so that the system is not only monitored—i.e. we don’t just look for problems and maybe fix them, we learn and get smarter just from looking at it. Gartner refers to this as the Third Level of I&O maturity, and Eileen Lee Lavergne, our CMO, tells you more about it in this short video.

4- Improved Diagnosis of Systemwide Degradation Versus Isolated Incidents. It’s all about the quality of the metrics, so starting your monitoring projects on the right foot will help bring clarity on the range and type of metrics that make sense to the various end users of the system. A user-centric approach is increasingly favored, allowing for context-based diagnosis and its collateral, improved response times. As a bonus, IT availability-sensitive businesses, such as online retail, will quickly be able to identify potential system or application availability issues, including those behind the dreaded cart abandonment syndrome. You want to collect user experience data in real time. Our users often refer to this tutorial for building real-time views for an unobstructed look into the availability of critical business applications and services, split-second reaction times and improved MTRS (Mean Time to Restore Service).

5- In-house collaboration around ITIM. The metropolitan region of Bordeaux has an inspiring story to share on that topic. They were able to transition their teams from task-oriented to strategic, through the deployment of a scalable and universal solution that united all IT teams around common practices that ended up creating value for the entire organization. Many businesses and public entities are working hard to streamline operations, contribute more strategically to results and improve team work and collaboration, and although few experts would have predicted it, ITSM and ITOM managers have become crucial agility creators within their organization.

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