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Save the Date: Monitorama Europe – Sept. 4 & 5, 2018

Blog Save the Date: Monitorama Europe – Sept. 4 & 5, 2018

Monitorama is finally coming back to our side of the Atlantic, and we’re pleased.

Let’s make it a date. Monitorama Amsterdam, the Open Source Monitoring & Observability Conference, is happening on September 4 and 5, 2018. Centreon is a proud sponsor of the event, which means we’ll have a chance to meet in beautiful Amsterdam (Netherlands). Click here to register if you’ve not yet had a chance to do so.

A Fest for the Brightest

Monitorama events are a meeting of the brightest minds in the open source development and ops communities. Ground breaking discussions on monitoring and trending software are happening everywhere you look. Expect talks from industry experts and community leaders about the newest approaches in monitoring and observability. The largest web architecture in the world are sharing their experience with the latest tools and techniques. Take the smartest practices back home. You’ll even have time to enjoy yourself.

Can’t make it or not sure you will attend? Stay tuned – our blog and social media platforms will be covering the conference – if you can’t make it, you’ll still get good feel of what is happening there.

Catch Up on the Previous Monitorama Portland

The Centreon Team recently attended the Monitorama Conference in Portland (United States) and shared some of the most meaningful insights they took back home with them. Read it!

It’s Not Too Early to Plan a Meeting with us in Amsterdam

  • Summer will fly by fast. Request a meeting with us today and get some insights customized to your own business performance needs while at Monitorama.
  • Drop by Centreon’s Team corner anytime for a quick demo of our solution that enables your ITOM team to monitor everything and speed up incident resolution.

Connect with the Centreon Community Anytime

Would you like to apply the best ideas and practices coming from Centreon? Or share your findings? Join our community on Slack!

Discover a New Fantastic Feature of Centreon

You’ve discovered that Centreon does not stop at monitoring individual elements that make up your IT system infrastructure. To your relief, Centreon provides the real time, top-level view on the availability and performance of the full range of IT services within your company. From the extensive chain of critical applications that are the secret behind your company’s success, deep down to the lower layers of the infrastructure, and through all what lies in between, you’ve got it all under control. Does it mean you’ve reached the full potential of your Centreon solution? Not just yet! Learn more.

Read this if you secretly wish your monitoring tool had superpowers

IT monitoring is as old as IT itself. But monitoring is getting a life of its own, now that IT systems and applications became the lifeblood of most businesses. It’s no longer the exclusive playground of technical support, production and infrastructure teams. People wearing suits have joined the game, as its scope now extends to application and business monitoring. That’s when the tiny lines of code became obsolete and everyone started to ask for friendlier, smarter, and more business-oriented interfaces and functionalities. Good things like IT system reporting, viewing and mapping tools, coupled with business application monitoring (BAM) are the new superpowers IT departments are using to communicate and collaborate with their business teammates. Here is a glimpse of performance inducing IT monitoring superpowers. Read the complete opinion piece.

Find our cache of rich content on IT monitoring and more

See you soon in Amsterdam!



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