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Save Your Spot With Us at Gartner’s Largest European Conference for Enterprise I&O Professionals in London – Nov. 26&27

Blog Save Your Spot With Us at Gartner’s Largest European Conference for Enterprise I&O Professionals in London – Nov. 26&27

If you are an ITOM leader who’s looking to better consolidate monitoring of your worldwide operations and hybrid infrastructure… If you manage mission-critical NOCs over several data centers… Or, if you are a Managed Service Provider monitoring diverse customers’ infrastructure & operations (I&O) … You’ll want to join us in London for the Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference with our sponsor-exclusive €325 discount!

What You’ll Learn

The rich conference program with over 30 Gartner analysts and featuring over 60 research-driven sessions is just one huge reason! Connecting with over 1,000 of your industry peers and vendor ecosystem is just another.

Gartner’s theme this year in Enabling the Digital Future is all about SPEED, AGILITY and RESILIENCE:

“The ground is shifting for IT Infrastructure & Operations. The adoption of fast-moving technologies and methodologies – from Cloud, Edge Computing and IoT to DevOps and AIOps – are cutting across the functional roles of typical infrastructure & operations teams, challenging their skills and demanding a new kind of dexterity. The day of the traditional data center may be waning, but IT infrastructure and operations aren’t going away. Are you and your team moving fast enough?”

As your participating sponsor, Centreon’s theater session promises to be filled with real world insights and surprises that talks to speed, agility and resilience for IT infrastructure monitoring (ITIM)!

How often is it that IT availability and service performance levels are not visible to remote operational sites – hampering their need to act promptly and proactively in addressing a local event or incident? How often has overloaded network caused latency problems because there are too many operational users from distributed sites logged in to the central server at a time? How often has an unplanned disrupted network link with one site, lost massive monitoring data and operational continuity in other sites?

At Centreon’s session: “ReThink Speedy, Agile, Resilient Decentralized IT Monitoring”, you’ll learn how decentralized IT operations can resolve these issues to gain speed, agility and resilience while staying true to the single source of truth at the central ITOM command base.

As ITIM is the first line of defense to ensure optimal IT performance uptime for business continuity, Centreon will share highlights of its new release that take ITIM up an important notch for the growing distributed architectures of hybrid I&O. New functionalities from this release will empower better remote visibility, autonomy, collaboration and continuity without losing central ITOM control.

Three (3) use cases will show how you are able to streamline hybrid IT monitoring operations over vast and distributed sites, and still empower your remote local operations to see, share and promptly manage for uptime continuity.

Be quick and agile to sign up for this session and be one of the FIRST 25 to win a limited edition of our Agile surprise gift when you turn up!

It’s Not Too Early to Plan To Meet Us in London

  • If you missed Gartner’s early bird special, don’t fret! Get our Centreon’s sponsored-discount here to sign up.
  • Be one of the first to win our limited edition of Fast & Agile surprise gift! Tell us you are attending Centreon’s theater session and collect it on that very day.
  • Drop by the Centreon Booth anytime for a quick demo and speak with our co-founder or our sales and marketing leadership. To be sure of getting your dedicated 1:1 time, email to give us your preference.

 In The Meantime, Stay Updated with Us!

Centreon is listed in Gartner’s Market Guide for IT Infrastructure Monitoring Tools (July 2018) for a reason. Discover our cache of Centreon news and IT monitoring content for enterprise ITOM users and leaders

We look forward to meeting you soon!


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