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Centreon open source community: you and us together

Blog Centreon open source community: you and us together

The Centreon monitoring solution is based above all on an Open Source component to collect data with Centreon Engine and Centreon Plugins, to forward and store collected data with Centreon Broker and with a unified interface (Centreon Web) to manage the monitoring and view the collected data.

Let’s take a look about what tools are available for the Centreon community.


This Open Source monitoring base is distributed via several channels:

  • An Centreon ISO image to install a CentOS distribution and the Centreon software suite available on the dedicated download site
  • Ready-to-use virtual machines to instantiate a Centreon server and monitoring collectors available on the dedicated download site
  • A repository of RPM packages to install Centreon via the YUM Manager on Red Hat and CentOS distributions
  • Sources of all Open Source components for major GNU/Linux distribution. Sources are available on dedicated download site


To install a Centreon monitoring platform and use all of the features offered by the Centreon solution, a document platform is available to the community.

You can find a quick start guide, different installation procedure for ISO, VM, repository, sources, a prerequisite chapter and a dedicated chapter describing different architectures available. It’s strongly recommended to read prerequisites and architectures chapter first before start installation of your Centreon platform.

Release notes

The release notes describe changes for each new version of a Centreon Open Source component.

It is important, before any major or minor update, to read this one in order to know the changes introduced as well as the possible operations to carry out during the update of your platform.

The release notes about Centreon web interface are available in the Centreon documentation. For other component, you can find those on Centreon space on GitHub.

Keep connected with the Centreon project

Centreon provides for its users and its community several channels to know the latest news from the Centreon project:

Do not hesitate to follow us to know our news!

Track changes and contribute to Centreon project

Centreon provides for its community sources about Centreon Open Sources component on GitHub. Thus, it is possible to participate in the project via:

  • Ask for enhancement
  • Ask for new feature
  • Ask for an issue
  • Update documentation
  • Provide patch for bug or enhancement

Discuss with Centreon community

While our forum website is under construction, get in touch with the community via our Slack chat space.

Finally, join us on the different meeting or events where we are present to discuss with us. Check on our blog or on social media for all the current events!

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