All-in-One & Modular. Our solution for demanding multi-site enterprise I&O*

*Infrastructure and Operations

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Centreon EMS

for the multi-site enterprise I&O*

Including all the functional richness of the software suite, Centreon EMS brings the monitoring of IT infrastructures, systems and network to a new level of relevance

“IT infrastructure monitoring tools capture a lot of data that is not used effectively by I&O* leaders.” Gartner, March 2015.

Centreon EMS is the full enterprise monitoring solution that responds to this challenge, enabling multi-user collaboration. Multi-site I&O leaders are handed a powerful and modular bottom-up system to measure and inform on IT’s value to business operations.

Incorporating the rich functionalities of our entire software suite, Centreon EMS takes IT infrastructure, systems and network performance monitoring to a whole new relevance for sound business-IT alignment.


Powerful, reliable & fully integrated

Manages and treats hundreds of thousands of service checkpoints at a time, with security encryption, back-up and failover, founded on the Centreon open source platform.


Painless and rapid deployment

for extensive coverage

Deep and broad monitoring of industry-standard IT domains with quality controlled plugins.. and pre-configured templates: OS, applications, databases, hardware, networks, storage, virtual machines, etc. See plugin pack catalogue.


Single platform, multi-user rights & access

With ACL, enterprise users are empowered to collaborate with granted access by function, operations, object or resource, making their job easier.


Smart data-mapping for customized macro & micro views

Real-time custom views with graphic-rich data-mapping application that also enables remote trouble-shooting.


KPIs that align IT service
delivery with business

ITIL-centric metrics and computation of real-time IT vitals make sense of crucial correlations with dependent business operations.


Ready monitoring intelligence for greater BI insight

Pre-configured templates to generate and schedule pertinent monitoring reports in business-friendly format for management and more accurate BI insight.


Assured incident-response and problem-resolution

On-hand Centreon software experts and technical response team to guide usage, fix software anomalies and help resolve service disruptions.


Software maintenance for best performance continuity

Maintenance and version updates are ensured for all Centreon software components and modules included.


As far i’m concerned, Centreon’s solution beat
any proprietary monitoring solution. Not only is it affordable;

the solution is also robust and comprehensive in its functionality

Stéphane Payet

IT Operation Manager


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