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How to use Centreon API Web interface?

Centreon, supervision informatique, IT monitoring, tutorial Centreon

  Laurent Pinsivy, Centreon Product Manager, worked on a step by step tutorial: how to use Centreon API Web interface? If the video does not display, here are the steps: Let’s say you have two Centreon platforms. The first one is your production platform while the second one is used to test new plugins or […]

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How to install a Centreon platform from a Virtual Machine?

While most of the applications are now virtualized, it is probably time to virtualize your monitoring tool as well. Laurent Pinsivy, Centreon Product Manager, worked on a step by step tutorial to help you install a Centreon platform from the virtual machine downloaded on the Centreon download website.   If the video does not display, […]

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Export data to Graphite

Since its beginning, Centreon allows to display charts from collected performance data. These charts use RRDtool as data support storage and those are available in Centreon Web interface. Henceforth Centreon allows to export collected performance data to Time Series Databases (TSDB). Discover our new tutorial in which we explain how to use the Graphite TSDB […]

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Centreon MAP 4.2: create object and view templates

It is with great enthusiasm that we presented to you the new version of Centreon MAP 4.2. This version brings many improvements and new features which will delight creators, administrators and users. In this article, we have selected one big new feature detailed right below. How to create object and view templates: copy/paste/change resources? Every […]

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Manage Centreon Broker link failures

Centreon Broker is the link between monitoring scheduler and MySQL to store collected data. But Centreon Broker is first of all a multi-input and multi-output manager. What are Centreon Broker’s components? To connect to Centreon central server, the Centreon Engine scheduler loads the Centreon Broker mode “cbmod”. This client is in charge to forward to […]

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Monitor your VMware infrastructure

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Monitor your Synology NAS instantly!

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How Centreon EMS can help your ITOM teams to monitor infrastructure & IT services?

Centreon EMS

In our recent tutorial “Create your own custom view with Centreon”, Laurent teached you how to use the widgets correctly. I would like to supplement that tutorial today by showing you how to use the Centreon MAP, Centreon BAM and Centreon MBI widgets to create dashboards which facilitate monitoring of business-oriented IT performance.

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Create your own custom view with Centreon

Since several versions, Centreon allows to create your own custom views. Many widgets are available and can be configured with several settings to display needed information. This article explains how to create your first custom view based on widgets available from Centreon installation.

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Tutorial: how to translate Centreon

translate Centreon
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Provide real time IT infrastructure status overviews with Centreon MAP to your ITOM teams and operational users

Centreon MAP

With Centreon MAP, you can simply create and share synthetic real time monitoring views to monitor the performance of your IT infrastructure, network, applications and services.

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Tutorial: Using Plugin Packs for fast monitoring deployment

Plugin Packs

Since the Centreon version 3.4 release, 6 Plugin Packs are available free: Cisco standard: used for basic Cisco hardware monitoring; Linux SNMP: used to monitor the main GNU/Linux server using the SNMP protocol; MySQL DB: used to monitor DBMSs such as MySQL or MariaDB; Printer standard: used to monitor printers using the SNMP protocol; UPS standard: used to […]

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Tutorial: how to automate your Centreon monitoring with Salt

Centreon monitoring with Salt

Today, IT infrastructures are more and more complex and dynamic. With cloud infrastructure and applications based on containers, infrastructure changes quickly and must be up to date into your monitoring system. The best way to be up to date is to use automatization with a configuration management tool. In this article we will be use […]

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Centreon MBI tutorial: how to get your first insightful report from Centreon?

Centreon MBI

You start using Centreon MBI and you want to generate your first insightful report ? This tutorial has been made for you. Thanks to it, learn how to use the product and generate your first report.

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