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Interfacing Centreon with Splunk: how to get the best of both worlds in real time!

Blog Interfacing Centreon with Splunk: how to get the best of both worlds in real time!

Splunk is a very powerful software solution for analyzing and restoring data from all types of machines and applications. By combining Splunk’s processing capacity with Centreon’s power and simplicity for collecting data, you can implement a highly advanced solution for analyzing data and monitoring IT in real time, without changing existing practices and tools within the company. Thanks to Centreon’s advanced interoperability, you will no longer have to choose between analysis performance and collection efficiency, you can have the best of both worlds, offering a high value-added solution.

Splunk, the expertise of a Machine Data processing tool …

Splunk is a platform dedicated to storing, processing and analyzing machine data. The flourishing of the Internet of Things (IoT) has generated a quantity of data which can be collected, analyzed and correlated to enhance the company’s business management and IT governance. Splunk processes and transforms data from IoT, websites, applications and all kinds of devices into usable information. This provides an overall vision on the data and identifies defaults. Beyond that, Splunk can correlate data from various sources such as financial data from ERPs for example, with one strong point: the ability to do so in real time.

The Splunk platform is implemented in many companies and is often used as a kind of hypervisor providing a holistic, comprehensive view of the company’s IT and business data. There are numerous uses: analyzing a system’s performance, resolving errors, monitoring a company’s performance, creating dashboards to visualize and analyze data or archiving data. 

Combined with Centreon’s interoperability and power for data collection …

Splunk’s strength lies in its ability to consolidate and correlate data from different sources rather than in its data collection capacities, where there are some difficulties at times due to a complex approach to implementing data collection. And that’s where Centreon takes on its full dimension as a smart monitoring tool. Centreon was designed to collect data from all types of sources, which can be set up easily thanks to the connectors, making it easy to integrate every new software or hardware equipment. 

With Centreon, monitoring and collecting data from any type of equipment, including connected objects, websites, and even temperature and humidity sensors, is particularly simple to set up. With Centreon you can very simply and almost immediately set up a relevant data collection and inject the data into another software platform in real time via APIs. This data, whether it be statuses or metrics, is enriched thanks to the dimensions set up in Centreon (Groups and Categories) so that it can be exploited and read in the best possible way. To that effect, Centreon provides I&O teams with a very powerful feature called Stream Connector, making it easier to interface the package with third party applications, in real time. 

… to improve operational performance: “When two forces unite, their efficiency double” Newton

Combining this data-collecting asset with Splunk’s features will help you set up a complete Smart Monitoring system, without changing practices in companies where one of the two tools is already in place. Several of our clients have fully understood this, and they have used Centreon’s advanced interoperability via the Stream Connector to develop complementary features between Splunk and Centreon.

Resulting in the following: you can send any type of data or indicators already generated by Centreon to the Splunk platform, seamlessly and very simply, and in real time. That way, you can offer a more powerful and handy package without changing business processes.

Connect Centreon with Splunk in real time: 5 instant benefits 

  • No change in the existing IT solutions but an enhanced integration of the two solutions.
  • Easier and more reliable data collection thanks to Centreon’s intuitive and automatic features.
  • Seamless interoperability via the Stream Connector injecting data and indicators from Centreon directly into Splunk in real time.
  • A more powerful solution in real time thanks to Centreon’s interoperability via APIs.
  • A high value-added approach for businesses and IT.

Thanks to Centreon’s Stream Connector feature, you can get the best of both worlds with Centreon’s data collection quality standard and Splunk’s heterogeneous data correlation power. As a result: you’ll gain visibility and interoperability!

Learn more about implementing Centreon’s interoperability with Splunk thanks to the Stream Connector feature

Take advantage of Centreon flexible architecture to send data from any place directly to Splunk or through a Forwarder.

Setting up the Centreon / Splunk interface:


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