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Hey Centreon! I want to interconnect with the rest of my stack.

Blog Hey Centreon! I want to interconnect with the rest of my stack.

In order to monitor IT service performance and ensure operational excellence, ITOps in the digital enterprise need to have a holistic view over their IT system, from cloud to edge, as well as IoT and on-prem environments. This view is made possible thanks to the superpowers of connected monitoring. To connect monitoring and gain holistic visibility, ITOps can rely on Centreon’s turnkey connectors to interface monitoring with the rest of the enterprise stack. Here are a few examples of the “superpowers” connected monitoring can give you, thanks to Plugin Packs and Stream Connectors.

Having a holistic view of your solutions in AWS and Azure clouds

By 2025, 40% of IT processing will be done in public clouds, compared to 19% in 2019. Public cloud and SaaS packages include their own monitoring services, and very often you are already using tools to manage Kubernetes clusters in private clouds. The challenge does not lie in monitoring the cloud, but in having a holistic view over every business-critical IT workflow. This is where Centreon’s cloud monitoring-dedicated Plugin Packs (Azure, Azure VPN, AWS, AWS RDS and so on) come in, making it possible to integrate metrics from cloud environments into a single platform.

“We took a pragmatic approach: Cloud monitoring tools work perfectly within the cloud environment. But we needed to look beyond the cloud to adopt a commercial monitoring platform that could consolidate all alerts, KPIs, and business maps, managing all metrics across domains: cloud, SaaS and on premises, which Centreon allows.” 

Olivier Hamel – Technical Solutions Activity Leader – FM Logistic Corporate SAS – Read the full story.

Monitoring the use and consumption of Office 365 services

Office 365 includes monitoring tools for every service offered, and monitoring relies on Centreon Plugin Packs. There are no availability issues in this case, since it is provided by Azure, here the issue lies in monitoring use and consumption (storage space used by mailboxes, growth rate of OneDrive space, number of Teams users and so on).

Centreon will rely on the API provided by Microsoft to access the necessary metrics and centralize Office 365 data within the monitoring console to produce relevant indicators.

Centralizing operations and alerting in a single monitoring console

You can also seamlessly integrate alerts from tools such as Graylog, which is a log management tool offering a number of solution levels to its clients and community. By connecting this tool to Centreon, you can enrich the performance metrics and status of your infrastructure and services and integrate a “log” dimension by using the suitable Plugin Pack.

Centralizing alerts from your eCommerce sites

Let’s take Netdata as an example: it is the perfect tool to monitor Linux and Unix servers; however its expertise stops where Centreon’s expertise starts, namely consolidating the analysis and correlating and archiving monitoring data in order to produce relevant IT and business indicators for your activity.

Netdata data are seamlessly integrated and consolidated in real time within Centreon’s monitoring console. In fact, Centreon’s advanced interoperability makes it possible to define a real-time bridge between the two solutions with on-demand data refresh.

Integrating your monitoring data into heterogeneous data correlation solutions

Platforms such as Opsgenie, Splunk and Pagerduty make it possible to gather disparate data (incidents, alerts, machine data) from different systems, whether they are monitoring, marketing, security or customer service tools, in order to analyze and correlate them. These platforms usually integrate AI for greater automation and predictability.

With Centreon’s dedicated stream connectors, you can feed in valuable data from a source covering Cloud to Edge.

Monitoring the blockchain confidently

You’re probably familiar with blockchain applications in finance in the crypto-asset ecosystem, but perhaps a little less with private blockchain projects bringing together companies around the same blockchain network, and seeking value in traceability, digital trust and interoperability, all of which are provided by blockchain technology. The architecture is complex and decentralized, and each blockchain technology has specific characteristics regarding transaction management and consensus operation.

By feeding these metrics back into a monitoring solution, it is possible to monitor the health and activity of one or more blockchain network nodes. The feedback of information can be enhanced if the monitoring solution interfaces with existing tools to facilitate and automate data collection and consolidation. This can be achieved within the Centreon platform, helping you meet evolving changing monitoring expectations.

As you can see, adopting connected monitoring is all about implementing practical solutions. Connected monitoring brings you a new set of superpowers as you maintain a holistic view from cloud to edge – and turning you into an ITOps superhero!

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