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Connect Centreon with ip-label’s Ekara for enhanced user experience monitoring

Blog Connect Centreon with ip-label’s Ekara for enhanced user experience monitoring

We were recently announcing our partnership with ip-label, the digital experience measurement solution provider. Not resting on our laurels, we got to work and developed a Plugin Pack which makes Centreon connect with Ekara, ip-label’s user experience monitoring solution. The result? All the essential data to measure user experience standardized within a single platform for 360° visibility.

Why user experience (UX) monitoring counts

Business digital transformation is driving a shift from technical-centric monitoring to business-centric monitoring, and even customer experience monitoring. To thrive in this new era, organizations must:

  • Transform both the user and customer experience, collaborating with business lines to optimize omnichannel and sales journeys and always create more personalized customer relationships.
  • Evolve business models to gain competitiveness and accelerate time to market.
  • Enable instant, continuous service for users, from any point of access.
  • Leverage emerging technologies (Cloud, AI, etc.) to provide, but also to manage, personalized and proximity customer experience.
  • Improve cybersecurity awareness.

The ideal IT monitoring dashboard

The ideal IT monitoring dashboard is thus constantly evolving to integrate KPIs which can be used to demonstrate business value to management and business teams, and even to customers.

“About the size of a small city, our campus is comparable to an urban grid which needs constant monitoring to ensure all is going smoothly. In short, the IT system is a central tool to realizing the school’s vision of excellence. The IT department serves 6,000 ‘customers,’ all with a crucial need for IT to accomplish daily activities.” – Loïc Pasquiet, Manager, Networks and Telecoms at École polytechnique.

At this new stage, IT monitoring serves the higher purpose of refining the customer experience. ITOps can only achieve such a level of IT monitoring savviness with a monitoring platform that can deeply interconnect with their other tools.


Ip-label’s Ekara: Your users’ eyes

An easy-to-use, non-intrusive solution platform, Ekara is like no other in the user experience measurement market. Fully hybrid, Ekara can monitor 100% of existing applications (web, mobile, business, thick client, Citrix, voice, etc.) to ensure the environment’s availability and performance (intranet and internet). Its unified interface and compatibility with any type of technology make Ekara an indispensable tool for business and digital teams.

Ekara is a truly unique offer on the application monitoring market with its à la carte services and flexible payment plans. The platform combines both real user monitoring (RUM) and active monitoring functionalities whether in the internet or intranet environment. All this in a single product!

Ekara is a powerful tool capable of ensuring application monitoring from fixed devices as well as smartphones (Android and iOS). It covers all application types (web, business, thick clients, Citrix, etc.) and integrates within a single reporting interface active internet and intranet measures (robot), as well as Real User Monitoring (RUM) indicators. 

Connecting Centreon with ip-label’s Ekara: a best-of-breed approach for a synergy with high added value for users

Does such an agile and innovative philosophy as Ekara’s ring a bell? Right! Centreon shares the same user-friendly and flexible approach. It’s therefore no surprise that Ekara and Centreon solutions team up to deliver more efficiency and power to our clients.

In ensuring the full scope of your IT environment is monitored along with the user digital experience, you must first eliminate potential blind spots by deploying the right software solutions that will best match this dual objective. The most efficient and effective approach is to seamlessly combine two best-of-breed solutions that are made to work together. You thus get a 360° view of the end-user experience that encompasses all the services that support it. Connecting Centreon with ip-label’s Ekara enables sophisticated, end-to-end, and innovative UX monitoring. You can:

  • Easily design a user scenario with Ekara’s no-code studio.
  • Unify the collected data within a single solution, i.e., Centreon.
  • Correlate DEM data with broader IT monitoring data (using the Centreon Business Edition).
  • Sit back and relax, using the best of Centreon and Ekara combined.


A Centreon Plugin Pack to unify infrastructure performance and user experience monitoring

You may have already configured some metrics and scenarios in Ekara. You can now leverage the synergy between this platform and Centreon’s to improve the user experience—and your understanding of it!

As explained above, the idea is to unify data collected through Centreon and Ekara and process them from the Centreon solution. You can thus consolidate the most relevant metrics and draw business oriented KPIs from them.

“Integrating new metrics is much easier because we can correlate data from multiple sources, device-based, business workflows and applicative—Thus we benefit from a renewed vision on the systems that drive business. We can finally correlate IT with business processes.”  – Olivier Hamel, DSI Technical Solutions Activity Leader, FM Logistic Corporate SAS (Europe, Asia, and Latin America).

To achieve this level of visibility, all you have to do is connect Centreon with ip-label’s Ekara using the dedicated Plugin Pack. It’s as easy as that: you’ll be able to integrate the important data collected by Ekara into Centreon for more advanced KPIs.

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