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5 ingredients for more automation in IT monitoring

Ready to use connectors, preconfigured templates, pretested performance indicators, autodiscovery engine and user-friendly web & mobile interface, what else? To learn more, let’s take a look at that article.

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3 key benefits of a connector-based IT monitoring approach

Everyone used to agree that: an IT monitoring perimeter is a pain to keep up to date. But today, this is a myth. Connectors, often called “plugins,” do all the heavy lifting, ensuring instant, comprehensive and accurate monitoring for optimal IT performance. Connectors are used to extend IT infrastructure monitoring to all domains. Think networks, […]

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The 9 must haves for successfully testing your next enterprise IT infrastructure monitoring solution

The time has come to evolve your IT infrastructure monitoring capabilities, or you need to replace aging solutions. Your Google search leads you to a few free trial offers from some popular commercial editions. It’s hard enough selecting the best IT infrastructure monitoring platform, but you first have to decide which one you will invest […]

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Introducing free forever IT monitoring for 100 hosts or less

What’s the best way to monitor 100 IT assets or less without any upfront investment or time consuming coding, for a $0 yearly subscription, year after year? You’ve got it, it’s through the Centreon IT edition forever free trial offer. All 400+ connectors and the powerful auto-discovery engine, free, instantly, for up to 100 devices. […]

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Upgrade to Centreon 20.04 to enjoy additional capabilities

Centreon 20.04 is here, and with it extended capabilities in many areas. This infographic provides a quick overview. Need to dive deeper? Read this post or refer to the release notes.

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