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4 key points to understand why Business and I&O must work hand in hand

Blog 4 key points to understand why Business and I&O must work hand in hand

Not a day goes by without someone talking about optimizing the customer experience. Great… but how? Given the level of imbrication between IT and Business, it will be difficult to achieve the Holy Grail of optimum customer experience without a good dose of alignment between IT and Business. Stuck in the same boat, IT and Business share the responsibility for delivering an excellent customer experience. Here is why business and I&O must work hand in hand:

  • Omnichannel and its necessary 360° vision of the customer implies a unified and de-compartmentalized customer strategy, and therefore an alignment of the business and IT processes to control data and operational performance.
  • The value chain perceived as unique by customers is in fact based on an increasingly complex IT. IT response times are therefore becoming crucial to meet the expectations of increasingly impatient consumers.
  • The power of the customer experience is based on providing the right data, at the right time, to the right person, an essential factor for anticipating deteriorations and adjusting processes.
  • A deteriorated (and unmeasured) customer experience has a direct impact on a business’s brand image. Application and IT performance measurement therefore has a very real role to play in brand image management.

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