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The 6 assets that next-generation MSPs should have

Blog The 6 assets that next-generation MSPs should have

You, MSPs, have begun the long journey to modern IT and so have your clients. This journey requires current infrastructures to evolve (Edge Computing, IoT, Cloud and so on) in order to support the implementation of user-centric products, innovative business models and new customer experiences. Gartner estimates that by the end of 2021, over 50% of large companies will develop at least one Edge Computing project, compared to under 5% in 2019. This is to meet the needs of an increasingly digital world since the start of the health crisis and the use of the digital workplace and contactless technology. Naturally, MSPs, who are responsible for IT availability and performance, should support companies on all fronts, whether it be the Cloud, Edge Computing or connected objects, which are expected to explode with the arrival of 5G technology.

To achieve this, here are the 6 assets that next-generation MSPs should have:

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