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MSPs: 3 growth opportunities driven by Smart Monitoring to win the digital experience race

Blog MSPs: 3 growth opportunities driven by Smart Monitoring to win the digital experience race

In a fast-changing environment and reduced time-to-market context, MSPs are facing a new challenge: supporting their clients in their strategic shift towards the digital enterprise while continuing to do their job well. So is the adoption of  IoT, Edge, and the digital workplace a threat or an opportunity for your business? At Centreon our answer is that the change your clients are undergoing  are in fact growth opportunities. See in this article how a smart monitoring platform can be  integrated into services and operation centers. It’s more than time to address the evolution of the MSP business.

MSPs: What is your mission?

The world is changing, and so are your clients. However your mission remains the same: guaranteeing the availability and performance of your clients’ IT systems, however their environment may evolve. You have therefore helped your clients manage the sometimes epic migration to the Cloud while ensuring hybrid environments are fully exploited. Having Legacy and Private and Public Clouds coexist to enable new digital businesses to remain agile and develop new business models is your daily routine. You completed the job and you did it well!

“IT environments are becoming increasingly complex, and it is essential for companies and their I&O to have a precise view of how the different types of infrastructure work and perform, as they support business operations and therefore the overall functioning of companies. More than ever, business performance depends on IT excellence.”

Olivier Gallet
Managing Director – MTF Quadra

Digital workplace, IoT and Edge Computing: MSPs have already booked their seat for the long journey to modern IT…

You have begun the long journey to modern IT and so have your clients. This journey requires current infrastructures to evolve (Edge Computing, IoT, Cloud and so on) in order to support the implementation of user-centric products, innovative business models and new customer experiences. Gartner estimates that by the end of 2021, over 50% of large companies will develop at least one Edge Computing project, compared to under 5% in 2019.

This is to meet the needs of an increasingly digital world since the start of the health crisis and the use of the digital workplace and contactless technology.

Naturally, MSPs, who are responsible for IT availability and performance, should support companies on all fronts, whether it be the Cloud, Edge Computing or connected objects, which are expected to explode with the arrival of 5G technology.

But to achieve this, MSPs must address the 6 key issues of next-generation MSPs:

  1. Staying productive and profitable despite the disruption the industry is navigating
  2. Creating value for the clients with competitive service portfolio
  3. Broadening the range of action from Cloud to Edge Computing
  4. Identifying the right business models in line with the digital economy
  5. Providing clients with a view on the performance levels of their IT system and their IT governance
  6. Meeting needs in terms of remote work, IT hybridization and IoT

Using Smart Monitoring to seize new growth opportunities

Therefore, next-generation MSPs will need to guarantee the performance of complex IT workflows to enhance business processes and create innovative customer experiences, which are essential to the success of any digital business.

To do this, they can rely on Smart Monitoring, a new-generation, future-ready IT monitoring platform with a holistic view from Cloud to Egde and a business-centric approach.

Here are 3 development opportunities provided by Smart Monitoring to get a head start on your competitors:

1°) Managing your clients’ extended IT environment integrating IoT and Edge Computing to develop interactive environments so as to deliver a new quality of service to your clients’ clients.

“By 2023, two-thirds of MSPs will be generating at least 50% of their income from managing their clients’ Edge environments.”


2°) Integrating access to IT monitoring data for your clients in all your standard offers in order to develop services that rely on transparency and communication with the Lines of Business 

“For our clients, Centreon doesn’t come as an option. The solution is integrated as standard in the managed services contract, allowing every client to check that NC2 is in line with the SLA commitments at any time. For us, it really makes a difference to set us apart from the competition.”

Christine Ruggiero
Sales Director at NC2

Read the customer story.

3°) Developing a more flexible, more agile business model to limit risks with an “on demand”, “pay-as-you-grow” pricing system for monitoring.

If you too are convinced that Smart Monitoring can become your best asset to rethink your business and seize new growth opportunities, join the Centreon MSP Edition movement!


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