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Centreon Monitoring Academy

IT Infratructure Monitoring

“Adding 1.5% of the project budget to training moves the project success rate from 50% to 80%” Cushing Anderson, “Worldwide and U.S. IT Education Services Delivery Forecast, 2016–2020,” IDC, May 2016

Training for real-life IT monitoring

Choose one of our end user-oriented training journeys and start acquiring the skills you need to use your Centreon solution to its fullest.

We offer hands-on training. Our programs are based on real-life experiences of Centreon experts and engineers supporting our clients in the field.

Practice makes perfect

For both eLearning and blended learning formats, you’ll be provided with a fully equipped virtual Centreon platform to immediately apply hands-on practice in a monitoring environment that closely matches your own.

eLearning: always on, from anywhere

Monitoring in Tokyo, Cairo, Rio, Chicago or anywhere else? Training is just a click away. You have full control over the pace of your training, including when you’re ready to get tested. You’re never completely alone. A Centreon training expert is available to answer your questions.

Blended Learning: Power it up

Mix powerful class-based interactions with the flexibility of eLearning.

LEAD Certification for end users

Get the official credentials that confirm your knowledge and expertise in the management of a Centreon environment.

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LEAD Certification

For end users