Centreon Monitoring Academy

IT Infratructure Monitoring

“CIOs and their IT leaders must invest in the development of their people just as they invest in upgrading their technology. Expenses relating to professional development include training and formal course work. Unfortunately, these areas are often the target for budget cuts because they are perceived as variable, optional costs.” Gartner

Where is the software benefit if your Build and Run teams can not get the best possible use out of it? Investing in Centreon training contributes to strengthen your people expertise in IT monitoring. With a more gradual learning for a better skills acquisition validation, it guarantees the success and durability of IT monitoring project implementation which are now critical to manage business-oriented IT performance.

Based on a mix of E-Learning and on-site courses, our new training offer includes:

  • 5 initial training paths for final users with a possibility to get certified on Centreon open source. Find our training programs below.
  • Partner certification paths (packaged Centreon EMS certification) for consultants from IT services companies involved in our new partner program: initial Centreon EMS partner certification (program listed below) or certification upgrade (on-demand custom path, contact us to schedule).

Each training path includes an E-learning part to complete within 1 to 3 weeks before the on-site course session part.

As a final user you can get certified on Centreon open source (101T and 101A trainings are required).

Be capable of introducing, using and administering Centreon within a professional environment.

For any question, please contact us

Certification 101

Final user 101 certification

Access based on 101T and 101A trainings’ validation