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Centreon Monitoring Academy

IT Infratructure Monitoring

“Adding 1.5% of the project budget to training moves the project success rate from 50% to 80%” Cushing Anderson, “Worldwide and U.S. IT Education Services Delivery Forecast, 2016–2020,” IDC, May 2016

Training for real-life IT monitoring

Choose one of our end user-oriented training journeys and start acquiring the skills you need to use your Centreon solution to its fullest.

We offer hands-on training. Our programs are based on real-life experiences of Centreon experts and engineers supporting our clients in the field.

Practice makes perfect

For both eLearning and blended learning formats, you’ll be provided with a fully equipped virtual Centreon platform to immediately apply hands-on practice in a monitoring environment that closely matches your own.

eLearning: always on, from anywhere

Monitoring in Tokyo, Cairo, Rio, Chicago or anywhere else? Training is just a click away. You have full control over the pace of your training, including when you’re ready to get tested. You’re never completely alone. A Centreon training expert is available to answer your questions.

Blended Learning: Power it up

Mix powerful class-based interactions with the flexibility of eLearning.

LEAD Certification for end users

Get the official credentials that confirm your knowledge and expertise managing the Centreon environment. Included in both training journeys (validity: 2 years).

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LEAD Certification

For end users