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Partner Certification

Centreon Business Edition

Implement a business-oriented IT monitoring

With the 600 partner certification you will learn to configure, deploy and maintain a business-oriented IT monitoring solution for your final clients within the software company best practices. The 8-12 hours E-learning part to complete in a 3-weeks deadline is dedicated to theoretical training including validation steps. The 5-days on-site course is dedicated to practical training with exercises inspired from real-life and live exchanges with other attendees as well as your training consultant.

You will be capable of building and maintaining a complete monitoring solution, going from the basis to the advanced Centreon features, using Centreon modules to create business value for the final customers.

Training program

Part 1 – Centreon open source software training

Discover Centreon

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  • Apprehend Centreon simple objects and plugins
  • Create your first hosts
  • Configure notifications and widgets

Advanced usage

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  • Understand Centreon configuration templating system
  • Configure authentication with LDAP, SSO
  • Discover the open-ticket module
  • Define your architecture

Best practices and troubleshooting

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  • Apply best practices for monitoring
  • Identify and diagnose the most common issues
  • Backup and Command-line API

Part 2 – Centreon Business Edition training

Build Key Performance Indicators from monitoring data (Centreon BAM)

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  • Service level and concepts: get the concept of Business Activity, Business view and KPI appplied to Centreon BAM, configure objects and set correct impacts, discover all the feature Centreon BAM offers, understand the key points of Service level and Appplication availability monitoring
  • Advanced topics: define boolean indicators (clsuter, loadbalancing…), configure and manage Centreon BAM with Command-line API, manage ACLs and rights within the Centreon BAM, build custom views thanks to Centreon BAM widget
  • Best practices and troubleshooting: know how to maintain and monitor your Centreon BAM setup, troubleshoot common issues, quiz about Centreon BAM

Technical and Business Oriented Data Visualisation (Centreon MAP)

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  • Discover Centreon MAP : identify your needs around views and cartography, learn modelization and possibilities through examples
  • Software architecture: know the main Centreon MAP components, configure rich client and use it to create views and maps
  • Advanced features: Configure ACLs and rights, create link and link templates between objects on your map, use advanced objects (output widget, gauge and pie chart)

Generate Monitoring Data analytics insightful reports (Centreon MBI)

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  • Overview: doscover Centreon MBI and standard reports, apprehend the way you can visualize your reporting data, get familiar with the entreon MBI reporting terminology
  • Architecture and administration: understand Centreon MBI components and architecture, create the relevant Centreon dimensions to use it in your reports, use Centreon BAM data to get an application-oriented reporting
  • ETL and Job scheduler: master Centreon ETL and how to configure it, rebuild and recalculate your reporting data, generate, schedule and publish reports

Target Audience

Integrators consultants from IT Services companies: monitoring experts, network and system engineers, service level managers

Training mode

  • E-learning: 8-12 hours to complete in 3 weeks, including 2 training programs respectively focused on:
    • The open source software (16 units with 52 videos and animations, 53 sheets and 35 questions) and
    • The commercial modules (18 units with 7 videos and animations, 52 sheets and 22 questions)
  • On-site course: 5-days on-site course with an experienced Centreon Monitoring expert. The trainer is always accustomed to real-life usage and problems around the software and will help you put into practice the concepts of the course


Only available as INTRA sessions: Contact us to schedule a session.

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