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Did you know? Centreon 3.4 has native monitoring plugin

Blog Did you know? Centreon 3.4 has native monitoring plugin

Since Centreon 3., users work with the Centreon Plugin Packs system. Contrary to the previous classic technical plugins, the Centreon Plugin Packs are ready-to-use. They combine monitoring plugins and pre-configurations (control + model + macro), thereby simplifying deployment while being easy to download with their accompanying documentation.

See our tutorial: Using Plugin Packs for fast monitoring deployment

Centreon users appreciate the Plugin Pack Manager, the new Plugin Packs management system. Its ergonomic and intuitive interface simplifies access to the Plugin Packs and their installation using the online platform supplied by Centreon’s publisher.

The objective? To significantly improve your Time-To-Monitoring.

Traditional plugin set-up is still possible. Their use in parallel to the Plugin Packs is fully managed.
6 Plugin Packs are natively included in Centreon 3.4, covering the most standard IT department domains: Windows SNMP, Linux SNMP, Cisco network, standard printer, standard uninterruptible power supply and MySQL.
To test 5 more Plugin Packs free, all you have to do is create a Centreon IMP account and choose the free trial. Follow the instructions and get started!

You can also access to Plugin Packs via Centreon EPP or Centreon EMS, don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our online demo.

See the catalog of Plugin Packs


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