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Back to school is not just for kids – Check out Centreon Monitoring Academy

Blog Back to school is not just for kids – Check out Centreon Monitoring Academy

That sharpness in the air … it’s unmistakable. Back to school is upon us, and there’s no need to feel nostalgic about it. You can have your own grown-up back-to-school, to learn everything you ever wanted to know about your monitoring solution. This post provides a quick overview of the training journeys from Centreon Monitoring Academy. Happy back-to-school!

Training Options in a Nutshell

Centreon offers two main training journeys, LEAD IT covering the operating of the solution, and LEAD BUSINESS, covering its most advanced correlation and reporting capabilities. Training is offered either in 100% eLearning or through a mix of eLearning and in-class group sessions (Blended Learning). 

“You get to ask your questions on what bothers you, get into real-life situations, and familiarize with the tools. The session was very dynamic and friendly.” – Supervisor, Mobile and telecom service provider.

Early bird gets the savings!

Subscribe to one of our eLearning programs before October 31st to get 30% off. Complete your order with the discount code “CMA30” to take advantage of the offer.


How Training Happens

We believe there’s nothing like hands-on training. For both of our training journeys, whether eLearning or Blended Learning, expect to learn in an environment that mimics your own. You’ll be provided with a virtual Centreon platform which you’ll put to good use for self-paced training and real-life simulations. It will provide the perfect support for discussions in-class with an actual facilitator or with your virtual coach. 

Did you know? Our training exercises are inspired by the real-life issues our specialists help our clients resolve. 

Picking the Right Training Formula

No one has time to scratch their head trying to understand a training scheme. We made sure our training plan is simple enough that you can figure out what works best for you or your organization in just 2 easy steps. 

1- Decide on a training format

Your first decision is to decide on eLearning or Blended Learning. If you want to avoid travelling or commuting costs and delays completely, then eLearning is the obvious choice. Self-paced training is a huge favorite, so we made a good place for it, in both formats. Do not overlook the advantage of group-based learning, which allows for discussions with a trainer and peers in real time. Our Blended Learning option provides these advantages at the lowest level of disruption for your or your team’s busy schedule.

eLearning Blended Learning
  • Self-pace over 45 days
  • Available anytime, from anywhere
  • You decide when to be tested
  • Stay focused through lively training contents: videos, tutorials, and quizzes
  • Access to a Centreon training expert as needed 
  • Full control over the when and where you train
  • eLearning portion is self-paced, over 45 days
  • 3 days of practical classroom training
  • In class group interactions and Q&A sessions with Centreon expert to tackle your own problematic cases
  • Arrange in-class training at your workplace or at Centreon’s Training Center
  • Cost and time-effective


2- Choose your training journey

Choosing your best training journey depends of your own or your organization’s current knowledge of the Centreon and open source environment, day-to-day work duties and of the overall objectives set for infrastructure monitoring within your organization. Contact our team for additional advice on matching training with your organizational needs.  

Journey Lead IT Lead Business

If your goal is:
Self-sufficiency deploying,  operating and managing your Centreon solution—from end-to end. Building insightful dashboards and reports on critical infrastructure and applications to correlate IT with business KPIs.
If your IT profiles is:
  • Operators, administrators, systems engineers, consultants
  • Any other Centreon user
  • Operators, administrators, systems engineers, integration consultants, monitoring experts
  • Any profile looking for Centreon EMS proficiency
If you want to learn about:
  • Centreon objects
  • Dashboards
  • Widgets
  • Plugin Packs
  • Architecture
  • Advanced functionalities
  • Storage and backups
  • Handling incidents
  • Best practices and more!
  • Correlating business applications with infrastructure (BAM module)
  • Getting and sharing real-time information using MAP dashboards
  • Creating applications in BAM
  • Maps and reports
  • User profiles
  • Integrated use of all Centreon EMS modules
  • Best practices and more!


 “After one week of training, I’ve learned how to optimize the configuration of my Centreon platform, which holds no more secrets from me.” – Support Technician, Public Service 

Planning to Train Soon?

Visit Centreon Monitoring Academy, pick the journey and training formula that best matches your needs – or save yourself some surfing and just contact our Training Team today.


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