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SaaS IT Monitoring, with Centreon Cloud

Blog SaaS IT Monitoring, with Centreon Cloud

Centreon has long been the platform of choice when it comes to monitoring the IT infrastructure from cloud-to-edge, and has been available either as an open source project or a commercial software edition : new for 2022 is Centreon Cloud, the SaaS IT Monitoring variant of the platform. Spoiler alert: not only can it monitor 100% of your cloud environment, but it can still monitor 100% of your legacy applications, too!

Monitoring the Cloud vs Monitoring from the Cloud

How long have we been talking about the cloud: a decade, at least? At first most conversation were about explaining why it might be the future of IT, then about describing the differences between the IaaS, PaaS or SaaS variants, then convincing how it might be more secure than your own premises, then discovering how it can speed up digital transformation, more recently acknowledging that the total cost of ownership of cloud solutions is lower than on-premises deployments.

During that time, the world of developing, hosting, securing and operating new applications has changed forever. If the transition from traditional IT to cloud-native has been very progressive, the fact is that innovative user experiences for both employees and customers are now always developed using incredibly efficient cloud technologies, maintained in-house by DevOps or SRE teams or simply subscribed from a SaaS service provider as turnkey solutions.

Monitoring the Cloud

One of Centreon’s key characteristics has always been its capability to monitor 100% of your IT infrastructure. Meaning we adapt the product, month after month, year after year, to connect to all the newest technologies and collect monitoring data that the IT Operations teams need to monitor the digital performance of their organization.

We probably developed our first Amazon Web Service connector about six years ago. Now Centreon comes with an extensive library of connectors and configuration templates for all types of private or public cloud environments, as well as an auto-discovery engine which makes sure the monitoring platform is always up to date, whatever the daily rate of cloud infrastructure changes.

This 100% cloud monitoring coverage is available while the Centreon platform still runs on your premises, hosted by legacy virtual machines or IaaS servers.

Now: Monitoring From the Cloud

At Centreon, we have a long experience of constantly adapting to user requirements: this is part of our open source DNA, with a user community involved in defining product evolutions.

In the past, a monitoring platform had to be in the same network as the IT infrastructure being monitored, and this infrastructure was on-premises. Organizations are now migrating a large part of their application portfolio to the cloud, and it becomes a natural choice to also migrate the monitoring platform, choosing a SaaS solution.

This is why we’re launching a new SaaS IT Monitoring platform. It is called Centreon Cloud and it can monitor 100% of your environment, whether cloud or legacy.

Introducing Centreon Cloud, our SaaS IT Monitoring platform

Centreon Cloud is a full SaaS service. We host your Centreon platform in our cloud. We secure it, maintain it, backup it, upgrade it, integrate it with your IT operations environment. Your IT specialists connect to this SaaS IT monitoring platform from their web browser or mobile application, wherever they happen to be working from, and get full visibility over their entire IT infrastructure, from cloud-to-edge.

How does it work?

When subscribing to Centreon Cloud, monitoring can start within minutes! Get your user credentials, choose amongst the 600+ connectors available in the online library, and start monitoring your technologies of choice. Activate auto-discovery rules to make it faster and to keep track of changes, and you’re all set.

Centreon Cloud is first and foremost Centreon: the only platform that can very easily monitor 100% of your infrastructure, whether it is in the cloud, in your data center or at the edge, whether it is made of state-of-the-art technologies or a collection of legacy, decades-old equipment.

Centreon Cloud is a true SaaS service: we take care of everything so that you can focus on what matters most, optimizing the digital performance of your business.

Centreon Cloud or Centreon On-Premises: The Choice Is Yours!

While we’re launching this year Centreon Cloud, the Centreon On-Premises platform is still available, and will still be available for years to come. Because the truth is both delivery modes are relevant: choosing one or the other is a matter of context.

Some organizations have no choice but to host their monitoring solution within the well-guarded wall of their premises. It just happens sometimes that a SaaS solution is not an option. You may run IT infrastructure which is too strategic to let any software access your network from the outside. In these situations, Centreon On-Premises is a welcome choice.

Other organizations will choose Centreon Cloud because they need all their skilled IT manpower to focus on their core business and they know the software vendor is the best equipped to host and maintain the monitoring platform. They need the peace of mind of a SaaS platform, the guaranteed SLA, the capability to easily scale up when needed, and the contained total cost of ownership. They thus select a secure, ubiquitous access to IT monitoring, wherever they’re working from.

Others will use both at the same time. Centreon On-Premises at the worldwide headquarters to monitor strategic infrastructure and Centreon Cloud for international business units where IT skills are scarce.

On-Premise or SaaS: Unified Monitoring Expertise

What’s unique with Centreon is that there are two equally valid options: Centreon On-Premises and Centreon Cloud are two delivery mechanisms of the exact same IT Monitoring platform.

All the expertise we’ve accumulated in the last decade about what IT Operations really need from their monitoring platform is available as an On-Premises on as a SaaS service.

All the knowledge you acquire using one of them is applicable to the other. You may choose to go one way today and change your mind tomorrow without losing any expertise. Or use both at the same time, in various parts of a vast and complex organization, without duplicating time and resources.

Centreon Cloud or Centreon On-Premises ? The choice is yours!

Save The Date: Showcasing Centreon Cloud at the AWS 2022 Summit Events

We decided to partner with AWS to develop, host, and run Centreon Cloud. 

We will demonstrate Centreon Cloud and its cloud-to-edge monitoring capabilities at AWS Summit events around the world. IT Operations teams will be able to meet with Centreon experts to discuss the challenges of deploying state-of-art cloud technologies while still maintaining legacy infrastructure, and how end-to-end visibility on critical workflow enables business observability.

Centreon will be present at the following AWS Summits in 2022:

  • Paris: April 12
  • London: April 27
  • Milano: June 21 & 22
  • Toronto: June 22 & 23
  • New York City: July 12 & 13  


Contact Us for a Demo

Centreon Cloud has been available as a Beta program since September 2021. Since March 1, 2022, Centreon Cloud is commercially available in selected regions. Please contact us for more information.

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