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Let’s fix Video Calls with these Perfect Virtual Meeting Backgrounds

Blog Let’s fix Video Calls with these Perfect Virtual Meeting Backgrounds

There’s not much we can do about lockdowns. We cannot change the fact that we’re far from done with soulless virtual meetings ruling every single aspect of our work and social lives. But we can certainly fix the leading problem of virtual meetings, from Google to Zoom: their very backdrops. The people who work so hard at enabling IT visibility are now offering you virtual meeting backgrounds to hide what should have never been shown in the first place: your personal space.

Enough with our real-life, messy backgrounds

Truth be told, it was fun at first to glimpse into clients’ and colleagues’ makeshift home offices in the: kitchen, basement, attic, bedroom, laundry room, garage, gazebo, balcony, swimming pool, car, garden shed, bat cave—[check all that apply]. Dirty dishes, unruly kids, an equal mix of adorable and scary pets, and whatever else was interrupting may have provided a refreshing distraction, but no longer. Too many breaches to business etiquette have happened because of the real-life messiness of an unrelenting pandemic. It’s high time we came back to a semblance of normalcy—Even if we have to fake it with virtual meeting backgrounds. 

Choose a better view now

Let’s give ourselves the luxury of expressing a different side of our personality whenever we feel like it. Let’s stop puzzling colleagues with our questionable home decor choices. Let’s leave that cat asleep on the top shelf.  With one clean background swipe, you can finally keep a polished, professional appearance, at all times. Download these tastefully designed, horizon opening, geographically enlightening virtual meeting backgrounds from Centreon.   

Download these backgrounds and regain your privacy (and sanity)

Choose your favorite backgrounds and save them with a right click. Then, follow instructions to use your virtual meeting backgrounds with the virtual meeting platform of your choice. 

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